Tallinn launches world's first Skype booth

A cluster of Estonian companies has joined forces to create the world's first Skype booth, now open to customers at Tallinn's Leni Merrart International Airport.

The Skype service, which allows users to make free local and international phone-calls with video link-up, currently boasts 600 million users around the world.

Skype software was initially developed by two ace Estonian programmers, and the country is keen to continue pioneering the service.

The first Skype booth has a distinctly space-age feel to it, and Merilin Parli, a spokesperson for Estonia Enterprise, one of the key forces behind the concoction, described the look as 'UFO-like.'

Parli hopes that Skype booths will soon sprout up at airports and hotels around the globe. 4000 euros is the going rate for the current model.

Meanwhile, Tallinn has also just opened the Baltic's first 5-D cinema. The new-fangled movie house offers viewers the extra thrills of vibrating chairs, artificial wind, and the occasional electric shock for extra comfort.


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