Connery Busted in Tallinn

Sir Sean Connery, star of countless James Bond films and other beloved movies from The Man Who Would Be King to Indian Jones: The Last Crusade, has been honoured with his very own bust in the Estonian capital.

The bronze sculpture was unveiled in Tallinn this January by Mr Peter Carter, himself on Her Majesty's service, albeit not secret. Carter is the official British ambassador in Tallinn.

The bust has been erected outside Tallinn's Scottish Club, an institution that has many Estonian members.

Connery himself, who lives in the Bahamas - where the weather is notably better at this time of year than either Scotland or Estonia - sent a delighted statement:

One cannot help but be flattered by the Scottish Club's gesture, the 80-year-old legend reflected. My best wishes to the members of the club and to all the people who made this possible."

Connery is most famous for his role as British secret agent, James Bond. However, until the fall of the Iron Curtain, Bond was something of a forbidden fruit in the Eastern Bloc. Owing to his endless jousts with caricaturesque Soviet villains, Bond was invariably blackballed by the censors.


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