Estonia’s experience is important for Moldova

The experience of Estonia is important for Moldova, says President Vladimir Voronin, who thanked his Estonian counterpart Arnold Ruutel for assisting the European integration path of Moldova, at a news conference held in Chisinau on Monday after a meeting with the Estonian leader.

Voronin said that the relations between Moldova and Estonia are on the rise and they will improve more after the official visit of Ruutel to Moldova. He saluted the assistance of Tallinn for the drafting of the Moldova-NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan. He noted that the relations between the two countries could be more successful because a delegation of Estonian businessmen has arrived in Chisinau along with the Estonian president.

In turn, the Estonian president reiterated the readiness of his country to back the Euro-Atlantic integration of Moldova and recalled that the support for Chisinau within the European Unions Neighbourhood Policy was a priority of the foreign policy of Tallinn. Also, he noted that the E.U. should demonstrate more interest for Moldova and help it resolve the existing problems.

President Ruutel underlined that he supports the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops from the Moldovan territory, saying that "this is a proof of Moscows credibility in fulfilling its international commitments." Speaking about the Transnistrian conflict and Russias role in this crisis, Ruutel said that it is important to discuss with the local population in order to boost its interest for a reunified Moldova. He called first of all for the creation of a legislative framework in line with European norms and a favourable economic and social environment.

Ruutel visits Moldova on March 19-22 at the invitation of President Vladimir Voronin. He has arrived by a regular air route and he is to visit some monasteries in Moldova, to meet with Moldovan officials and to attend a forum of Moldovan and Estonian businessmen on Tuesday. This is the first visit of an Estonian president to Moldova. The Latvian president is expected in Chisinau in early April, while the Lithuanian leader will visit Moldova later. (BASA-Press)


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