Jewish Composers’ Contribution to World Musical Culture

The Jewish community of Tallinn found a way to enliven the Jewish life in the Estonian capital. A first concert of Jewish Composers Contribution to World Musical Culture will take place on 1 March in the Tallinn Synagogue. The concert, called "As Long As I Can Remember" will consist of a range of Soviet songs, ballads and musical scores from movies - all created by artists of Jewish origin, such as Isaac Dunayevsky, Oscar Feltsman, Yan Frenkel, Isaac Schwartz, Veniamin Basner and others.

The series of concerts is support to honor the creation of the State of Israel's in its 60th anniversary. The Sunday's concert is a pilot to six other concerts scheduled for this year. Alexander Nekrasov (baritone) from the Russian Philharmonic Society and Natalia Troshina (mezzo-soprano) accompanied by Vladimir Ignatov will perform during the event on Sunday.


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