Opening Of A Jewish Museum in Tallinn

The new museum's exhibition center presents life of a Jewish community in Estonia, beginning from the 19th century. The visitors will be able to learn all about their presence in Estonia and to see how much of the present culture was influenced by the community.

The main part of the exhibition includes photographs, historical documents and different objects presented to the museum both by private donors and other museums. You'll be able to get to know how the Estonian Jews dealt with the pre-World War Two period, German occupation and the Soviet era.

Another part of the exhibition shows the revitalization of Jewish communal life in the late 1980s and the development of education, science, arts, sports and business in the country.

The Museum's located in the Tallinn Jewish Community Center at 16 Karu Street. It's creation was possible due to many contributions and the guidance of Mark Riybak, the museums first director.


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United Kingdom

Shown around by a lovey man and woman from the shul and community centre. Very informative exhibition.

Reply May 25th, 2010

Interesting! Will have to visit when I'm in town.

Reply Jan 20th, 2009