How About Managing An Airport?

With the decisions on expanding the Tallinn Airport, building two aircraft hangars and an office building, as well as a large cargo warehouse - the Airport's administration has a lot on their minds. And the economic crises does not make things easier, we tell you.

The hangars will probably be constructed in a couple of years, but some of the investments are already going on. Toivo Jrgenson, chairman of the supervisory board of Tallinn Airport, says the Airport's current managing director, Rein Loik, is considered to have created a well-functioning team and successfully completed the ambitious expansion of the airport.

Loik's contract expires in April. Though he already announced that he's going to re-apply for the position, other candidatures will also be taken into consideration. As for now, no applications have been filed yet. Maybe one of our readers feels the urge to fill in Loik's position? If you do, the deadline for the contest is three weeks.

Good luck!


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I'm up for it! :)

Reply Dec 3rd, 2008