'Blind-Drunk' Strikes Again!

As if it weren't ridiculous enough the first time we reported this story, our lovable highway star has been at it again. After his brief arrest last week, the blind drunk - whose named has now been released only as 'Kristjan' - was stopped by Tartu police a second time in 6 days for driving without a license. Drunk. And blind.

Once again, 'erratic driving' was the tipoff to area police who pulled over the suspicious vehicle. Last time the 20-year-old Kristjan had an equally inebriated 16-year-old helping him navigate the imaginary roads (all too real to the rest of us). This time it was a full carload of drunken teens coaching him along and checking his blind spot (apologies). [Backseat drivers are such a nuisance.]

Kristjan now faces 30 days in jail and the confiscation of the car, which it turns out he owns (kind of like selling a gun to someone with no hands, isn't it? No, you're right it's not like that at all). When questioned by police, the rogue blind man reported that he is passionate about driving and regularly gets behind the wheel. Whatever brings you joy, blind guy...

But really. Screw double standards: next time you see a blind man at the bar, better steal his keys.


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Reply Aug 23rd, 2007