'Blind Drunk' Behind the Wheel

Life can be so literal sometimes. For example: When Estonian police stopped a man in Tartu over the weekend for suspiciously erratic driving, the fact that he was inebriated seemed self-evident. However, as officers attempted to conduct a standard breathaliser test, the driver continually missed the breathaliser tube with his mouth. From the awkward interaction it was soon revealed that not only was the 20-year-old driver impaired as a result of alcohol (as the breathaliser would attest), but he was, in fact, completely blind. Whoopsie. The man's 16-year-old passenger was also drunk, yet sighted, and seemed to be coaching the blind man through their blind-drunk joyride around Tartu. Despite their incident-free excursion, both men were arrested by Tartu police and it appears that the Department of Motor Vehicles will continue to deny the blind man a valid Estonian driver's license.


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