Tallinn: Capital of Culture 2011

The European selection panel has published its report recommending Tallinn, Estonia and Turku, Finland be approved for designation as the European Capitals of Culture in 2011. Tallinn has highlighted in its winning presentation, the desire to create cultural centres that will further drive and direct urban development. The city is eager to demonstrate that a city of its diminutive size is up to the challenge of being designated a European Capital of Culture.

Turku, Finland (not to be confused with Estonia's second city, Tartu) has built its programme around the theme "Turku on Fire." This title actually does literally refer to the many fires which have ravaged the city over the course of its history, and also to its intense creative and artistic activity. We understand the intent, but the name also sounds a bit like an invitation for catastrophe, no?

The two cities have announced that they will cooperate actively in preparing and conducting their programmes, especially as they are so close geographically.


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