From Russia With Loathe

In a recently published survey, the Russians have revealed that they consider the Baltic states their main enemies. Topping the list were Estonians, who some 60% of Russians have 'negative attitudes' towards. Previously holding the pole position of Russian disapproval were the Latvians, who have now sunk into the second spot, ousted by the recent Bronze Soldier hub-bub in Tallinn. In the poll Americans found themselves a disappointing third place, with only a 35% disapproval rating; but if Bush only enters into talks with Estonia about his outlandish 'Missile Defense Shield,' hope might not be lost that the Americans could climb back to the top as Russia's most loathed.

Rounding out the rest of the top finishers, Lithuania (32%) Ukraine (23%), Poland (20%), Afghanistan (11%), Iraq (8%) and Iran (7%) are respectively the people least favored by Russians.


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