Deposed Bronze Soldier Sparks Riot

After months of shit-slinging from the toilet of Estonian-Russian diplomatic relations, Estonian officials went ahead with their plan to remove the Bronze Soldier, sparking unprecedented violence in Tallinn. As the controversial monument was dismantled in the wee hours of Friday morning behind police protection, the streets of Tallinn broke out into a full-on riot. Some 3000 protesters of the monuments removal hurled stones and molotov-cocktails at police, overturned cars, lit several buildings on fire and looted shops Thursday night/Friday morning. Tear gas, light and noise shells and water jet cannons were used by police to keep crowds away from the excavation site where the monument stood. One man was stabbed to death, some 60 people were hospitalised - including a dozen police officers - and some 300 participants were arrested. The deposed Bronze Soldier was moved to an undisclosed location until it can be permanently installed in a military cemetery on the outskirts of Tallinn.
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