Mouse Spends Millions on Dream House

After customers started receiving partially masticated banknotes from a bank machine outside a Hansapank in central Tallinn, it was discovered that a mouse was the culprit, munching through what has been reported as "thousands of pounds of cash" (suspiciously not a monetary value). The mouse apparently made itself the most expensive nest on record, shredding Estonian kroons to fashion itself a bed inside the cash machine.

Kristina Tamberg, spokeswoman for Hansapank Bank, had this to say on the matter: "We have never heard of anything even remotely like this happening before. At some stage over the weekend the chewed money jammed, and the mouse seems to have spent the rest of the weekend turning the notes into bedding. It probably was attracted by the warmth from the machine and decided to make itself at home."

As bank security experts investigate why and how the mouse entered the cash machine, we can quite easily relate to the desire to sleep in a bed of cash and be, quite literally, rolling in it.


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