Tallinn Plans Ban On Public Drinking

This week Tallinn city government is going to approve a bill banning public drinking virtually all over town. Boozing in public places of the city is clearly bothering the townsfolk, as the newspaper Pealinn wrote.

Kalle Klandorf, the Deputy Mayor, is sure that if they fail to curb drinking in public places, all the city will soon see street crime and family violence rising, as the reason behind a large part of violence is alcohol.
”It is not right to force other citizens to be reconciled to disturbing behaviour,” says the bill. Research shows  that through the years dwellers of Estonia’s capital have considered consumption of alcohol in public places among the most disturbing behaviour patterns when it comes to normal order of life, Pealinn wrote.
According to the mayor Edgar Savisaar, excessive consumption of alcohol is a problem in Estonia, therefore Tallinn will do all in its power to value alcohol-free city space. ”If we want to remain a Nordic country and to keep our people, we must again make public drinking something to be disapproved of,” said Mr Savisaar. ”Tallinn one was the first to ban night-time sale of alcohol, whereafter the government was forced to follow a suit.”

Deputy Klandorf said the urban scenery worsened since the government of decided to allow public drinking. “I have talked to young people who have children, also to grandfathers and grandmothers – they say this is a nightmare, a terrible thing to behold as they walk the streets with their children” Klandorf stressed.
“Some years ago I visited Pskov, I stayed in a hotel next to a park. Early in the morning, mothers and fathers with small children, grandmothers and grandfathers came to the park and started drinking vodka. That felt so appalling. And now we have the same situation!” he pointed out.
According to the deputy mayor, the liberal alcohol policy will also increase the risk of crime. “Alcohol lies behind a significant part of violent crimes. In fact, 75 percent of family violence is alcohol-related” noted Mr Klandorf.


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