New Year's Revelers Warned of Pirate Taxis

Tallinn's Municipal Police has warned the public that it expects an increased number of pirate taxis on streets tonight and that riding in such vehicles is not only illegal, but could result in unexpectedly high fares. Moreover, passengers using the services of pirate taxis are supporting an illegal activity, endangering their safety and are effectively tossing their right to customer satisfaction out the window.
Experience shows that pirate taxi drivers may ask a high, unexplained price, choose non-ideal routes, behave in a rude manner and smoke in the vehicle, said Monica Raid, head of the Tallinn Municipal Police.
In order to tell the legal from the illegal, customers are advised to choose vehicles that display the lighted "Takso" sign in their roof, display prices on the right side rear window and on the right side of the dashboard and that have a working meter connected to a printer.
If the taxi has a broken meter or the driver is unable to print a check, the customer has the legal right to refuse to pay the bill.


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