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Dispel your preconceptions now because although Czech food is about as celebrated as that of every eastern European country (in that it isn't), it can actually be very tasty. Granted, simple meat and veg dishes aren't to everybody's liking, but approach with an open mind and we're confident you'll be pleasantly surprised!

If you're really not keen to sample the local cuisine though, then don't worry: Prague has a wealth of restaurants serving almost every fare under the sun. Simply browse our list below, read the reviews and make your own mind up! However, if you'd prefer to skip the restaurants and eat with a local cook at their home, Eataway is now available in Prague.

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Kaprova 19/5

33. La Bodegita Del Medio

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Soukenicka 1084/2

Reviews about Prague Restaurants

Great Food, Great prices and wonderful staff

Czech Republic,
Exotic Tropical Restaurant & Bar

When we talk about Tomas Karpisek, the founder of the ubiquitous Ambiente group of restaurants, on our Prague food tours, we often describe him as the “Steve Jobs of the Prague culinary scene”. Sure, it's overstatement, but it’s not that far off. If there is anyone who sets food trends in the Czech Republic, it’s Tomas. The appearance isn’t that far off, either: we’re yet to see Tomas in something that even barely resembles a business suit. He’s more of a jeans-and-a-t-shirt guy. Also, just like the late Jobs, he’s a visionary of sorts and has a bigger plan, too. And he’s undoubtedly one of the most respected personalities on the food scene, as witnessed by our interview with Hana Michopulu, the owner of the popular Sisters bistro.


Loved the food and atmosphere!

United States,
Cafe Louvre

Food service and good food!

Klub Architektu

We have just had 1 week in Prague and ate here every night but for two evenings we cannot recommend Pushkin enough service excellant and also food also very relaxed and as other people commented just abit away from the hustle and bustle of the Old Town square

United Kingdom,
Cafe Puskin

Ivet is a great cook! My friends and I really enjoyed our meal with her last weekend. the atmosphere was warm and friendly and while at first we thought the price might be a bit expensive, it turned out to be one of the best value meals we ever had. The parsnip soup (this was a first for all of us) was an incredible surprise, the rillettes was delicious and the rabbit was juicy and delicious. A very cool experience, which I am sure we will do again. Thanks, Ivet! :-)

Czech Republic,

This was an absolutely wonderful culinary experience! I had some friends from abroad in town and wanted to show them what real Bohemian cooking was like, and, wow, I hit the jackpot. All courses were truly delicious and the home atmosphere provided by Ivet was just superb. Highly recommended. Great value for great food!

Czech Republic,

I love the places that never change.... that keep their old-world charm.

Czech Republic,
Cafe Louvre

The food was absolutely amazing.We had exlusive menu , starting with caviar with champagne Krug snd ending with delicious dezzert. The wine pairing with each course is more than touchable and incredable enjpying on ur tongue and finally the proce comparing with the prices in other restaurants with this kind of high quality food is for us more than excellent. Dinner in this restaurant offering cheaper choices too including wines from Cz republic. My wife was more than imprest and can not stop speak about our experiance in this restaurant to all our friends. High recommended!!!!

Svata Klara

I was in Prague for two times. Puskin is my favourite place. The food is excellent (the pork knuckle, the apple strudel, the beer). THe atmosphere is very, very nice. I like to eat in the basement. It's friendly. I miss Puskin. A lot.

Cafe Puskin