Klub Architektu

Klub Architektu
+420 224401214
Klub Architektu
Betlemske Namesti 5a

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Editor's review

Massive portions for minimal cash are the standard at Architektu. Donít let the ìKlubî fool you ñ though you can always have a cold pilsner here, most people come for the food rather than the booze. While its somewhat elusive location keeps it free of the tourist masses, its quality of food mixed with good prices and the cozy cellar-like atmosphere keeps the regulars coming. The food is standard Czech, but cheaper than most places in the Old Town. In the summer and on weekends it tends to get busy, so reservations are encouraged but generally not required.

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Food service and good food!

Reply Apr 7th, 2018
United Kingdom

This used to be one of the very few places in central Prague serving reasonable food in an attractive setting, at the kind of competitive prices that you find in neighbourhood restaurants. I came here several times on my first visits to Prague, and always enjoyed the food, a mixture of Czech classics and international fare. It was never gourmet food, but the portions were always generous and tasty, and the service attentive. I also enjoyed the convivial atmosphere created by the friendly staff and clientele, a mix of students, tourists and professionals. Later, when I moved to Prague, I continued frequenting Klub Architektù and discovered that many of my friends liked it for the same reasons. I also made a point of taking family and friends when they visited, and they always enjoyed it. Klub Architektù seemed to have a reputation as one of the few places left in the centre that could charge low prices yet serve good food.

Unfortunately, this restaurant is now a shadow of itself. Perhaps the problems started when the prices increased and the menu changed a few years ago, to take advantage of the custom from the world ice hockey championships in Prague. Although the prices are still reasonable by 'Western' standards, they correlate far less to quality and service. On later visits the latter was slower and the staff less friendly. On one occasion the waiter was rude because I had the temerity to speak to him in Czech, and he seemed to be trying to do some business on the side with a party at another table. My last visit was the worst. I ordered garlic bread which was basically a cheese rohlík (a cigar-shaped bread roll), with a touch of garlic butter. It was half-baked and rubbery, and had obviously been in the microwave. The salmon with pasta was salty and utterly mediocre, something that anyone with even basic culinary skills could have produced. In my early days in Prague, I always had the feeling that unlike many restaurants in the vicinity, Klub Architektù prided itself in good food and good service, at prices that both locals and tourists would find attractive. Today, it couldn't seem to care less. A real shame.

Reply Aug 20th, 2010
Czech Republic

We were hungry, it was around seven on the last day of July 2010 and my partner suggested we try away from the main square and the throngs of tourists to be found on any Saturday night in Prague. We arrived at the Klub Architektu, Betlemske Namesti 5a. Here we were shown quickly to a table (it was not full in the restaurant and I began to realize why at gone seven p.m. it was not full). After about five minutes, we ordered our meal and drinks. Then the beer, Slovakian, and water arrived quite quickly. Then, we waited and waited and waited. After thirty minutes, I saw one of the occasional visits by the staff into the part of the cellar where we were. I asked this attendant if she could find out when our meal would be delivered. She never re-appeared.

Some five minutes later another came into the room to deliver what we thought was to be our meal but no. It was for a very patient pair of American women. I asked this second waitress (who asked if I wanted a replacement for the beer which by now I had consumed) and then came someone who apeared to be the manager. I asked when our meal would be ready, he seemed unprepared to answer and said that he was quite happy to wait for forty minutes as we had been for a meal - our meal had still not arrived nor was there any ETA (estimated time of arrival). I suggested to him that the restaurant was falling below European standards on service but all he could say was that he was prepared to wait forty minutes or more (with the inference that therefore everyone should). There was no apology for the watt we had had.

He asked if we wished him to cancel the meal which seemed at that point most appropriate. We paid for the drinks and left.

In my six decades I have visited most of the capital cities in Europe (and others beside) and eaten at a large selection of good restaurants as well as many average and the occasional poor restaurant. I have never waited for more than forty minutes for one course nor had inferred by a waiter/manager that I should accept his standards. I am not a tourist but a resident in Prague and like to eat out and eat well and am disappointed by the lack of customer service in a large number of restaurants. Today’s experience was regrettably not completely unique in the city which is now my home and I feel that many tourists feel badly treated by the lack of customer focus as demonstrated by my experience and the potentially cynical exploitation of those visiting this beautiful city.

Reply Jul 31st, 2010

after reserving in advance, we arrived at the restaurant and were seated in a corner where the waiters' cashier and computer are and waiters were workin hovering over us. Our table was in the dark though when we reserved we specified that we wish for a table with a lamp light. We ordered drinks and food. The wine arrived and was a smaller amount then ordered. the Metre De brought a measuring cup to show us how they measure - on the cup the 150cc was shown but the line enhanced was much lower - they are actually stealing from every wine drinking customer at least 16% of each measured glass and are probably so used to it by now that he was not worried to show it to us even though the measured amount is at least 20cc (16%) less then what it should be. When mentioning it to the metre De instead of appologizing he was very impolite and just left us in the middle of talking. We got up and left very insulted and disappointed. it isn't enough to decorate and design, if you are not hospitable clients will leave and not return.

Reply May 14th, 2010
United States

I have been to this restaurant twice and both times it was amazing. The ambience was relaxing with dim lighting, candles, and interesting architecture. The service is always great and the food is delicious! The meals are large and the quality of the food is always fresh and tasty. I live in Prague and always recommend this restaurant to friends and visitors. It is one of my boyfriend's favorite restaurants...I am taking him here for a celebratory birthday dinner because it is consistently superb.

Reply Dec 9th, 2009

very good food and service. very nice place. cheap also.

Reply Oct 19th, 2009
United States

We liked this delightful, cozy place with its stone walls and dim lighting. In fact, we went back a second time with our group of 6-8. Food was very good, we all thought. Mine was well-prepared, pricing was good, service was good, staff was helpful. They even went to a lot of trouble to run credit cards for each of us. Second time we went in, we all made sure to have cash to save them the effort. Cash seems the preferred payment method many places in Prague. I had an excellent caprese salad here - the summer tomatoes are hard to beat.

Reply Sep 7th, 2009
United States

After reading great reviews, we went to KA only to find the food very bad. Soup and potato apetizer salty, Prague Goulash with tough pieces of meat (not beef), and the the bill had an "extra" item on it. Not to return here.

Reply Jul 25th, 2009
United Kingdom

Best place in Prague, very intimate and great ambiance.

Reply Oct 22nd, 2008

veramente un ristorante ottimo! suggestivo il posto, cibo e birra ottimi!

Reply Jul 19th, 2008
United Kingdom

Lovely restaurant- excellent food, friendly service,great value, very cosy. Cant wait to go back!

Reply Sep 24th, 2007
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