Sushi Restaurants in Prague

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Masna 3

1. Yami Sushi

2 reviews
Na Prikope 19

2. Sushi Point

1 review
Na Prikope 22

3. Millhouse Sushi

0 reviews

Reviews about Sushi Restaurants in Prague

In my view, this is the only restaurant in Prague to have sushi. The quality is high, serving size is not skimpy like other Prague sushi places and excellent service. Reminds me of good sushi houses in LA.

Czech Republic,
Yami Sushi

Amazing. The food was fantastic and the service the same. Perhaps the best Sushirestaurant we have been to, ever. Recomended!! Thnx to Yami. S&H

Yami Sushi

I would not recommend this place because the food is obviously overpriced and not good in terms of freshness which is a MUST for raw fish! I got the worst food poisoning of my life, and the waitors were quite rude.

Sushi Point