Medieval Cemetery Found in the Heart of Poznan

An 11th century burial place for 150 people has been discovered in Srodka, just behind Jordan bridge, at the very heart of Poznan, along with a substantial amount of coins, jewelry and pots.

"We believe the cemetery had been related to an 11th-12th century settlement in Ostrow Tumski" said Pawel Pawlak, the chief archaeologist.

The excavation has been conducted to secure the construction site of a future building with an underground parking. A similar burial site was discovered during nearby excavation held between 1994 and 2001. Along with previous burials, the number totals to 350 people. 

"What was previously located at the site of the cemetery was probably a village, burned during a 1038-39 raid by a Czech duke, Brzetyslaw, on these lands. The ground then served as a burial place" reveals the archaeologist.

The findings in the graves include everyday use objests, such as knives, flintstones, and wooden and ceramic vessels. Womens' graves also contained jewellery, and in some cases, richly decorated items and shreds of silk garments, confirming their high social status.

One interesting finding is definitely a face-down burial of two people. According to archaeologists the reason behind is the attempt to prevent the deceased from coming back from hereafter.


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