Harpsichord of the Prussian Emperor Returns to Poznan

A harpsichord used by a 9-year old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during his visit in London, was built for the Prussian emperor, Frideric II in 1765, as the oldest of five instruments he ordered from Burkat Schudi, a renowned and innovative harpsichord constructor.

The instrument had definitely been used by the king himself, as well as the members of his family and perhaps their court harpsichorder, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, a son of Johann Sebastian Bach.

The institution has been offered a purchase of the harpsichord in 2011, and after a short examination the Museum recognised the value of the object. Previously the instrument was thought to have gone missing during WW II. Now, the recovered instrument is currently one of the most valuable of all preserved 18th century harpsichords in Europe. It can now be seen at the Musical Instruments' Museum in Poznan. 


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