Kingly Project at Poznan Castle

A seven metre mounted statue of a Medieval king, Przemysl II is to be erected this year at the vicinity of the Poznan castle. The king was the first one to unite the Kingdom of Poland in 1295 and is, in the historians' opinion, overlooked and underrated in his work for Poland. 

"Przemysl II managed to maintain good relationships with other dukes of Wielkopolska district, and unite the lands to re-create the Polish state. Otherwise what we today know as Poland and Wielkopolska would become a part of the Czech Kingdom, and a second degree fiefdom of the German Empire" said prof. Tomasz Jasiński, a Medieval historian from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. He also points out that the king was the one to have commissioned the new "Wielkopolska Chronicle", describing the history of Poland and Wielkopolska from the legendary times to 1273.

The statue will be 4 metres high and will stand on a 3.5 metre high postument. King Przemysl II will be presented with a sword in his right hand and a shield with an emblem of Poland in the left. The bronze monument will be sponsored by an "honorable resident of Poznan".


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