New Life for Underground Fort?

The 1800's Poznan railway caponier, underground fortified construction, may in the future be restored and open for the public. The current renovation of the above ground Kaponiera roundabout in the heart of Poznan will include cleaning the subterranean area from dirt, debris and rubbish.
Poznan history lovers are delighted, but also concerned about the bats living in the historical underground construction.
- After removing all the obstacles we will get access to the caponier, the fortification is just under the roundabout and the University Bridge, not fr away from the train station. This place is just asking to be commercialized - said Konrad Dabrowski, one of the Poznan history fans, pointing out that the bats will probably leave for new hideout on their own.
- After the site inspection I can conclude that the concrete walls might be safely demolished and open the access to the fort from the tram stop side, and make it an utilizable space - said Kazimierz Skalecki, the deputy director of the Municipal Road Management, but added that the final decision, whether the facility will or won't be manageable, will be made after the fort is cleaned and dehumidified.
The actual opening of the caponier for some commercial purposes may take place only after full modernization of the devastated University Bridge, which is due by the end of 2014.


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