Poznan Celebrates Its Croissants

Poznan is home to a unique type of croissant, celebrated each November as part of St. Martin's Day - the St. Martin's Croissant. This year, the product is celebrating its third year as an officially recognized and protected food by the European Union.

The tradition of baking these croissants dates back as far as 1891, when the priest of Poznan's St. Martin's church called out to his congregation to help feed the poor. The city's baked these horseshoe-shaped pastries and thus began the annual tradition of St. Martin's croissants. Unlike traditional French croissants, these pastries a made of a slightly different style of flakey pastry, filled with white poppy, vanilla, dates, figs, raisins, cream and more.

St. Martin's Day is celebrated annually on November 11. Make sure to try a St. Martin's croissant for yourself at any of Poznan's local bakeries this month!


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