Lech Poznan Advance in Europa League

Following their recent victory against Manchester City, Lech Poznan continued their display of international-calibre football with a draw against renowned Italian team Juventus. This means that the Poznan team will advance on from the group stage in the Europa League to the knock-out stage which will take place in Spring 2011.

Lech Poznan hosted Juventus in freezing conditions, with a ruthless blizzard battering the pitch for the majority of the match which took place in a temperature as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius. The referee was even forced to replace the typically white football with an orange replacement to allow better visibility for the players.

During the match, Latvian player Artjoms Rudnevs scored for Poznan after 12 minutes, while Juventus was not able to draw until the final minutes of the game with Vincezo Iaquinta scoring for the team. The tie resulted in Juventus losing its place in the Europa League completely.


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