Gargantuan Cattle Due Comeback Courtesy of Polish Professors

A breed of cattle that died out in Europe in the 17th century may well be returning to chomp Polish meadows if a group of scientists from Poznan gets the go-ahead.

Aurochs were last seen in Poland in 1627. The mighty cows grew to six feet at the shoulders alone, weighing in at a hefty tonne each. A skull endures in a Swedish museum.

Scientists at Poznan's Human Genetics Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences want to use DNA samples to help resurrect the bovine belters.

Apparently, Dutch farmers have already expressed an interest in importing the cattle. However, it remains to be seen how the animals will behave, and whether they will take kindly to their human masters.


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Jamie P.
United Kingdom

Scary stuff!

Reply Mar 29th, 2010