Poland's Oldest Dog Celebrates Birthday

Poland's oldest dog - quite possibly the oldest woofer in the world - celebrated his 25th birthday in Poznan over the weekend in the company of two four-legged female admirers.

Minius, who was rescued some 25 years ago by the animal aid foundation Zwierzęta i My (Animals and Us), was presented with a special cake for his anniversary, which he shared with his two friends.

Of course, as Minius was plucked from the Poznan streets, it's impossible to know when his true birthday actually is. He could actually be a mighty 26 or 27, making him quite possibly the oldest dog on the planet.

His current owner says that Minius; a mixed breed, is still in good shape, but enjoys sleeping for much of the day. Happy Birthday Minius, and as they say in Poland, may you live for a hundred years - or rather 700 in dog time!

Birthday pictures from local Poznan paper


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