Pinched Monet Returned to Poznan

A Monet painting that had been missing for an entire decade has been returned to its home at the Poznan branch of the National Museum. A man has been arrested in connection with the crime.

Plage de Pourville (The Beach at Pourville) was swiped on September 19th, 2000. On that day, the painting was cut from its frame and replaced with a copy. A few days prior to the theft, a man had been seen sketching paintings in the collection. Police believe that a Mr. Robert Z. (surnames are withheld by Polish law) who was arrested in the southern Polish town of Olkusz in early January, is the man in question.

The painting had seemingly disappeared without a trace, but according to police, new evidence came to light in December 2009. The picture, which is valued at a million dollars, is reportedly in good condition.


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Sally Charwell
United Kingdom

Great that the picture was found! Would have been a tragedy if it was lost forever...

Reply Feb 25th, 2010