Poznan Bids for Youth Olympics

Poznan is one of eleven cities which has submitted a bid to host the first edition of the Youth Olympics in 2010. The Youth Olypmics will not only give young athletes a chance to compete at a high level, but also aims to boost the popularity of the Olympics in general, at least according to the International Olympic Committee. The youth games will feature athletes aged 14 to 18, with the first summer games taking place in 2010, followed by the inaugural winter edition two years later.

The other cities which have entered into the running to host the event include Algiers, Athens, Bangkok, Belgrade, Debrecen, Guatemala City, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Poznan, Singapore and Turin. Competition for Poznan is tough, with the results not being revealed until February. However, Poznan is already scheduled to host the 2009 Rowing World Championships, so perhaps it has a chance.


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