Bad Week for Buses

It seems Poland has had a terrible week for bus crashes. First, a bus carrying elderly Polish pilgrims crashed in the French Alps, killing 26 people and injuring many others, and prompting three days of mourning in Poland as well as a generous donation from The Rolling Stones.

Now, a bus carrying Russian tourists from Moscow to France slammed into a guardrail on the A2 highway and overturned outside of Poznan, in the town of Nagradovice. 23 of the 47 passengers on board were injured, with five in serious condition. All of the injured passengers were taken to Poznan hospitals. Luckily, no one has died as a result of the accident, and many injured have already been released. The cause of the accident has yet to be determined, though the suspect state of many of Poland's roads is probably not the culprit this time.


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