50 Hectares of Luxury: Modlin 2.0

A state-of-the-art loft estate with a spa will be built at the premises of the historical Modlin Fortress. The new owner, Konkret S.A., also running Poznan's Galeria Panorama and the five-star City Park, has signed a 18 million zloty contract with the State Agency of Military Property last November.

"Companies line up with ready revitalization plans in hand, eager to develop the historical, 19th-century fortress" said the owners of Konkret.

The former military complex comprises of 37 buildings (including 23 forts) spreading on 58 hectares of land. The total lenght of the main facility is over 2 km, which makes it one of the largest fortifications in Poland. Modlin's first fragments were built in Napoleonic times, and were later expanded in years 1832-44. At its peak, during Tsar Russia times, it was a separate city, with warehouses, a bathhouse, a loundry, a bakery and even a casino. The fortress was occupied by armies of France, Russia, Germany and Poland.

In the past, the Modlin complex was also used as a film set for Polish productions such as "C.K. Dezerterzy", "Pan Tadeusz", "1920 Bitwa Warszawska" and "Hans Kloss". 

Krzysztof Michalski, the head of the State Agency of Military Property calls the transaction "a success": "Now Modlin Fortress has a chance for a new and better life" he said.

This new life, however, requires enormous expenditures. 18 million spent by the investor is but a drop in a bucket of the total investment. "We estimate that the total cost of the investment will amount to 800 million - 1 billion złotys within 6-10 years, though it is hard to be definite in this respect" stressed Wiesław Prusiecki, the head of Konkret S.A.

First, 48 million will be spent on securing and revitalising the premises: repairing roofs and woodwork, establishing protections against moist, as well as strenghtening earth constructions. Next to come is revitalization of the green area.

The final visualisation of the ready fortress Modlin 2.0 is not yet known, however. "We are not in a hurry, though many firms have appealed to us with ready projects. We hope that the final architectural concept will be ready in 2014" said Prusiecki and declared that a group of experts was now working on the project.

"We would like Modlin to be gradually returned to the people, initially as a recreation area, and a secured historical park, and later as a perfect place to live, work and play" said Prusiecki.

The Konkret group plans for the Modlin Fortress to become a smart city, with a residence area, a hotel and a conference centre. The modern urban fabric is to be based on the best pracises of European and world cities, and combine a number of different functions. "This place is not to be an exclusive enclave. It is to be open for everyone, and accessible by bike or the water side. All who have interesting ideas concerning historical and tourist inintiatives are welcome to participate in the project" said Tomasz Ratajczyk, the Head of Development at Konkret S.A.

Yet another reason to visit Modlin citadel is to be a digital open air museum presenting the historical heritage of the site, with protographs, maps and keepsakes. Also, Modlin 2.0 is to host artistic events and concerts.



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