Amazon Opens Near Poznan

Amazon is already looking for employees for its new logistic centre, to be opened in less than a year in Sady, a village on the outskirts of Poznan. This centre is to be one of three Amazon announced will be opened in Poland.

"We are very happy to be able to open thousands of job posts" said Tim Collins, Amazon's operations director for Europe, announcing the company's decision. 

Initially, the Sady centre is to employ 1 200 people for permanent posts, and ultimately 2 000. Additionaly, in the high season, namely around Christmas, another few thousand people might find temporary employment.

"I have been working here since five years and I don't remember a recruitment campaign as big as this one in the area of Poznan" said Magdalena Morze, a staff member of the local branch of the State Employment Agency (PUP). PUP wants to offer its service to Amazon in the recruitment of employees, especially the blue collar workers. "Probably Amazon would like to recruit their management on their own" Morze added.

So far the American company has placed ca. job ads concerning openings in Sady, most of them managerial positions. The company informs also that the blue collar openings will be announced no sooner than in April 2014. 

The same gmina (district) has recently hosted a slightly smaller investment, by German Lidl. The company has started expanding its local distribution centre to the biggest object of Lidl in Europe. Employed there will be ca. 230 people.


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