BBC News: Germans Move To Poznan For Business

According to Theo Legett from BBC NEWS, more and more Germans move to Poland to run a business here. What they find most difficult to tackle is Polish mentality. 

As Legett put it, Poznan is only the fifth largest city in Poland, but because it is relatively close to the German frontier - a mere three hours from Berlin along an arrow-straight motorway - it has become a favourite destination for a new wave of German entrepreneurs. 

The reporter poits out that despite the turbulent relationship the two countries have had in the past, Poles seem smoothly accept the growing influx of German workers. But, as he quotes one emigree, a trip to Poland remains a journey into the unknown for many Western neighbours.

Meanwhile, as CNN's reporter says, life in Poznan is not without its challenges - the Polish language it seems is tricky to learn and German is not widely spoken, so most Germans try to get by, by speaking English.


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