All Aboard a Cafe!

Starting from May 1st, 2014 a demobbed, historical tram is to become a cafe. The idea was born a while ago at a joint municipal Revitalisation Committee, and a call for offers has ben annouced. So far as much as eight potential tennants have applied, owners of some or Poznan restaurants, among others.

The city suggested a tram-cafe could be located in three possible places, with unused tram tracks: ul. Sczaniecka, ul. Zielona or by ul. Dziekańska. If the cafe proves successful, a chain of 5 tram-cafes migh be developed. "I hope the project will be interesting for both tourists, and the residents of Poznan and the latter will be encouraged to spend more time in the city space, as they will have an interesting meeting place to go to" said Mariusz Wiśniewski, a city council member, and the head of the Revitalization Committee.

After some debates and closing tender procedures, the ul. Zielona location has been selected. Another two locations are also possible, near Marcinkowski Park and Rondo Rataje. 

The investor's task woul be to renovate and adapt one of five tram carts: type N, type 105Na or GT8. The first one to have been selected is type N, and the new owner wants to restore its original, wood-panel look.


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