Madonna to switch Moscow venue

American pop icon Madonna is all set to switch the venue of her concert in Moscow, after Police have raised security issues.

The Material Girl was due to play in front of Moscow State University - one of Moscow's seven 'High Buildings' - however Police fear that with an estimated crowd of 250,000 attending it would be impossible to secure the concert against terrorist action. Concerns were also raised that students may fall out of the university building's windows whilst craning to see the show.

The proposed new venue is the Tushino airfield, however ironically it was at this very venue that Chechen suicide bombers managed to kill 15 spectators at a rock concert in 2003.

Madonna's arrival in Moscow is the subject of some contraversy in the city and the use of a crucifix in her show has angered leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church. 12 youths were recently arrested for illegally protesting against the show, sporting t-shirts saying "Madonna, go home" on them.

The concert is due to take place on September 11th.


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