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1. Slamic KavaCaj

4 reviews

2. Macek

1 review
Trg francoske revolucije 4

3. Le Petit Cafe

0 reviews

Reviews about Cafes in Ljubljana

One of the best places with a great atmoshpere. Favourite!


This is a lovely place and the accommodation is excellent. The staff are very friendly and helpful

United Kingdom,
Slamic KavaCaj

As a citizen of Ljubljana, I can say that SlamiË is one of the very few decent cafes in the city. The place looks nice as also the furnishings. Overall atmosphere is very good - guests do not have to listen to some stupid radio station! The staff are professional and mostly polite. Service is overall good and the prices are very reasonable. I recommend this cafe to everyone who appreciates good coffee and tea and values tradition and quality above trendy emptiness - be it a Visitor or a citizen of Ljubljana. Its only weakpoints are its opening times - closed on evenings and sundays.

Slamic KavaCaj

Thanks people at Slamic! Sono stato fortunato a trovare questo posto per pernottare a Ljubljana! Sono stato come se fossi a casa mia...e la colazione...super!! Arrivederci a presto...

Slamic KavaCaj

A favourite hang out for me whenever i'm in Ljubljana... happy days!

United Kingdom,
Slamic KavaCaj