Gallery Of Shame

Ever since the editorial staff of Ljubljana Life changed some months back, we've had it out for this image (may heaven never reveal where it came from). Despite its apparent popularity, it has nothing to do with nightlife in Ljubljana, nor Slovenian women for that matter. It's terribly dated and it embodies a female aesthetic that we at Ljub Life hardly want to promote. But rather than incite the masses to revolt against the goodly pages of this humble website by forever disappearing their beloved 'Silicone Hag' (as she will from henceforth be known), we've subjugated her to this obscure page where she can live out the rest of her artificially tanned, plastically enhanced, fake blonde days under the leering eyes of only her most ardent fans. And now (virgins, cover your eyes)... without further ado... we shamefully present to you that which we've strategically used all this unnecessary text to avoid looking at ourselves:

Ladies and gentlemen, the Silicone Hag:

Suffice it to say, our search for an adequate replacement for this cosmetic catastrophe has been arduous, and we're still not necessarily satisfied with the results, be they what they are. And since we all acknowledge that beautiful women are in no short supply in Ljubljana, we hereby request your help in accurately representing this lovely demographic. If you have any images of inherently beautiful, tastefully clad Ljubljana girls enjoying the city's nightlife that you think would improve our visually maligned nightlife page, please send your high resolution files to Should we choose your image to grace our page, you just might win a cheap date with one of our ineffable editors. (Incentive's in short supply around here...)


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