Restaurant Wierzynek

Restaurant Wierzynek
+48 12 424 96 00
Restaurant Wierzynek
Rynek Główny 16

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Editor's review

With a tradition going all the way back to 1364, it's hardly surprising that Wierzynek Restaurant has become something of an Old Town's landmark in its own. Thanks to its exquisite traditional Polish cuisine, perfectly trained staff, elegance and timeless charm, Wierzynek was appreciated as the best restaurant in Krakow by the prestigious Michelin Red Guide 2008 as well as being a recent winner of the World Luxury Award in the Luxury Theme Restaurant category AND receiving a certificate in slow food. The restauran, which hosts it's own champagne bar in the Galician Hall, was also mentioned in the American bestseller "1000 Places to See Before You Die" as a place that is definitely worth a visit. Just look at their list of previous diners: The King of Spain Juan Carlos, the Emperor of Japan Akihito, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, the Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lech Wałęsa, Directors Steven Spielberg and Peter Greenaway, actress Sophie Marceau, actor Robert De Niro, model Kate Moss, and many others.

Editor & Krakow Local

A message from Restaurant Wierzynek

The tradition of the Wierzynek Restaurant dates back to 1364, when a wealthy merchant Mikołaj Wierzynek hosted a splendid feast for the monarchs of Europe on behalf of the Polish King Casimir the Great. Wierzynek undertook the task of hosting the feast with great care and overwhelmed his noble guests with a truly lavish welcome. The tables were groaning with food and drinks and the guests celebrated for 20 days and nights. Upon departure, the generous merchant presented each guest with a splendid gift – gold and silver tableware.
At the Wierzynek Restaurant we continue this great medieval tradition of feasting until the present day by giving a royal welcome to each and every one of our guests!

Restaurant Wierzynek

Restaurant Wierzynek


not shown

Waited TWO hours for our food. In total it took us more than three hours from sitting down to paying the bill.

Reply Jun 25th, 2023
Reuven Prat

Very upset triple than prices on menus

Reply Dec 19th, 2022

Z przykrością muszę podzielić się naszą opinią o wizycie w restauracji Wierzynek kilka dni temu.. Pora obiadowa, jesteśmy jedynymi gośćmi. Zamawiamy gołąbki z musem grzybowym. Spodziewamy się smakowitego dania godnego tradycji kuchni polskiej. Niestety, nasze talerze prezentują się słabo a potrawa smakuje jeszcze gorzej. Na talerzu są dwa mikroskopijne, bardzo twarde, prawie czarne liście kapusty włoskiej oporne sztućcom. Wewnątrz liścia słabo zwiniętego jest może łyżka suchej, rozlatującej się kaszy pęczak. Obok tego mała porcja musu grzybowego i połowa grzybka. Widok mało estetyczny a degustacja zostaje w pamięci jako koszmar. Zapłaciliśmy 178 zł za dwie porcje, wyszliśmy głodni, zdegustowani i bardzo rozczarowani. Nie polecamy tej restauracji.

Reply Mar 30th, 2022
Carl Courtney

It’s a disappointment to its own history. 2 years ago we dined there and enjoyed it so much we decided to fly to Krakow this time just to dine there. The contrast from 2 years ago to now made it the 1st time I have left a restaurant mid meal. The waiter named Kamil would be better suited to macdonalds or KFC. Next door is The Grey Goose with far a superior dining experience and professional staff that cannot do enough to make your evening special.

Reply Nov 28th, 2018
Alexandra Domin

This would be the 6th time we have come to this restaurant and has never failed to enjoy everything about the wonderful restaurant and hopefully will come on 25th August

Reply Aug 8th, 2018

Już samo miejsce w sobie jest wyjątkowe i oczywiście historyczne. Sprawdziło się, że można tu poczuć się jak na prawdziwej, królewskiej uczcie: na przykład dziczyzna pierwszej klasy. A na koniec posmakować wódkę koronną Kazimierza Wielkiego!

Reply Aug 1st, 2017

This was our first visit to Krakow and Restaurant Wierzynek was a surprise, excellent food, perfect service and atmosphere.

We really recommend it!

Reply Jan 15th, 2016

This is our first visit in Krakow, and Wierzynek was a great surprice for me and my wife. Restaurant was delicate and beautiful, delicious food and nice service.

We will absolutely recomend this restaurant.

Reply Apr 18th, 2014
United States

Have eaten there twice - once under Communism, and on a meatless day. Still, the meal was wonderful. The second time, shortly after the fall of Communism, and the meal though much more expensive, was even better. This is a restaurant not to be missed. The history makes it even more special. As my father explained, Wierzynek was such a wealthy merchant that the king borrowed money from him for war. The ambiance is great and the view is terrific!

Reply Jan 1st, 2013
United Kingdom

We have dined at the Wierzyneck on a few occassions and loved every minute. A great setting with great food.

Reply Sep 12th, 2012
maxi rees
United Kingdom

fab!! one of the best places i have been if you go to krakow it is a must

Reply Feb 11th, 2010
Brett Davies
United Kingdom

I visited KRakow with a group of friends and dined at the Restaurant Wierzynek on our last evening. The experience of dining here made a perfect end to a wonderfula weekend. The food was excellent, the staff were friendly and attentive, the view across the square picturesque and added to the atmosphere. This was an experience not to be missed.

Reply Dec 14th, 2009
Stephen Reilly

I've been to Cracow a few times and love the city. I was showcasing it for my (current!) girlfriend in August. As always Cracow was amazing in every way. I thought this resteraunt would be a perfect way to treat ourselves on the final night. I was very wrong indeed.

The staff were not welcoming, we felt like an inconvenience. The food was very disappointing, I had a chicken dish that was very dry, the sauce was tasty but it had dried into the moisture vacuum of the chicken. Chicken is not hard to get right and when a place charges these prices you expect quality. Cracow has so many great places to eat i cant understand how this place is so highly regarded.

Reply Oct 12th, 2009
United Kingdom

I can only agree with the reviews below that say what a disappointment this restaurant was, especially having read about it as "the best Restaurant in Krakow", frequented by the great and the good. The waiters were quite surly, the wine list poor and lacking in adventure, it was over-priced and the food was not well presented and nowhere near the standard I would expect (the duck I had made me really ill the day after). I will avoid this one next time I go to Krakow!

Reply Aug 14th, 2009
United Kingdom

Great restaurant and service, and very good food. Not a Michelin star standard by any means, but I would certainly recommend it.

The only negative comment I have to make is, why is the wine list so poor? The wines are all very mediocre and very overpriced. Good food deserves good wine, surely! Plus, the waiters can be a little too "enthusiastic". I have ordered a bottle of (not a particularly good one) Chateau Neuf, and couldn't believe the ceremony of opening the bottle. It was almost a comedy act. Pomp and circumstance for a bottle of ordinary wine. So, if you like good food, then you will enjoy this restaurant, but if you would like a glass of a truly good wine with your meal, well, you will not get it here.

Reply Aug 8th, 2009
Alex Rawlings
United States

Treated ourselves here on the last night, and we didn't regret it. Even managed to get a table by the window. Exquisite, food, wine and company of course!

Reply Jul 27th, 2009
United States

Amazing Restaurant!! Everything was perfect- the service, the food, the atmosphere... I definitely recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a nice place to dine for the evening.

Reply May 24th, 2009

Undoubtedly a nice restaurant but stay away from the Polish set menu! We wanted to try the local cuisine and thought this must surely be the place to be adventurous. Never again! I'll go back but will stick to steak and fish!

Reply Apr 23rd, 2009
United Kingdom

it's true - this is a great restaurant. I ate here in 2002 and found it really stiff, so have avoided it ever since. I went again tonight and was really impressed by the atmosphere, the service and the food. If you live here, this is a place you wouldn't be ashamed to bring your friends/relatives to. Definitely recommended.

Reply Apr 24th, 2008
Anne Jackson
United Kingdom

You simply have to eat here. It was one of the best meals I have ever had. The restaurant itself is fantastic and the service superb. My main course of Roe Deer & Quail Duet was simply sublime. You simply have to try it. I have never tasted such tender meat. As the other reviewers have pointed out its not cheap but it will be a meal you will not forget.

Reply Apr 22nd, 2008
Stan Dobrovic

This restaurant is magical, truly magical. The décor beautiful and the service impeccable. Watch those pesky disappearing chairs though, they can cause embarrassment. And as for the food… well what can you say, the rose was delectable and the lily was amongst the most delicious I have ever tasted. This restaurant was more theatre than simply a fine-dining establishment as guest are encouraged to throw their food and catch it in their mouths. One complaint is that the restaurant was a little claustraphobic when the doors were closed, but other than that there can be no complaints. A wonderful experience. Highly recommended

Reply Feb 20th, 2008
Alicia Sacha
United Kingdom

This must be one of the best restaurants I've been to in Krakow and I've been to quite a few! The food was superb! I would recommend the marinated fallow deer as a starter - it just melted in the mouth.

Not by any means a cheap restaurant in Polish terms, but if you want quality and good service try this place out. If you want to go for a special occassion it would be advisable to book in advance - otherwise you might be disappointed.

Reply Nov 4th, 2007
United Kingdom

We dined for lunch on the terrace. Best service that we had while in Krakow. Enjoyed the food.

Reply Aug 15th, 2007
Clare McAleese
United Kingdom

I have to say that this was the highlight of our time in Krakow and probably the best eating experience I have had. We ate on 23rd June, we were celebrating mine, my husbands 40th and a friends birthday, 8 of us altogether. The service was amazing, we were served a beautiful complimentary appetizer, the food was excellently presented and tasted wonderful. We had a waiter each serving the main course, very grand. We then received beautiful surprise cakes for our birthdays. We all had after dinner drinks, and the price per head was ridiculously cheap considering the quality of food and service at this restaurant. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Reply Jun 30th, 2007
charlotte ashley-roberts
United Kingdom

What can I say?? I took my boyfriend here for his birthday, we had five courses and they surprised him (and me) with a rendition of happy birthday and a roman candle in a chocolate mousse! The food was some of the best we've ever had and the service was exceptional. What a place to eat...You feel like royalty!

Reply Apr 4th, 2007

We are just back from Krakow, and thanks to this website, were able to experience nice food and drinks in very interesting places.

Despite all the hype that seems to surrounder Wierzynek, I must admit to a serious disappointment regarding the food quality there. I've seen reviews comparing this restaurant to 3 star Michelin, well, think again. The great chefs of the world (and I have had the pleasure of enjoying the cuisine of quite a few of them) would certainly be horrified to be compared with the rather average food quality we have tasted there. Having chosen to eat local, we took the Polish menu that started rather well with the famous Pierogi (but honestly those eaten at Pod Aniolami were at least equally good if not slightly better. The soup served afterwards was nice, although all the interesting bits and pieces were dominated by a fine but strong taste of sorrel.

From then on, the real disapointment did not stop. The main dish, presented as wild boar with boletus etc; the boletus were there (not very tasty, though, but after all it is not the season...)but the boar must have forgotten to enter the kitchen! instead we had a kind of a warm paté, rather dull, hard, and probably microwaved just before serving.

Desert was a huge portion of a creamy paste in between 2 layers of pastry supposed to be a "Millefeuilles" : literally, that means a "thousand of (extremely fine) sheets" Hmm...

So if you wish to be impressed by a superb environment matched by an impeccable service, and pay the price that goes with it, it's a great place; as to the food itself, many restaurants in Krakow offer the same or better, for less than half the price.

Reply Feb 26th, 2007
Noreen Wright
United Kingdom

Last May I brought a party of 17 people to your wonderful restaurant and my party were so impressed with the service and cannot wait to return to Krakow again. It was my second visit and again was very impressed with the place. Thank you for taking care of us and hope to return again one day.

Reply Dec 31st, 2006
Keith Jennings
United Kingdom

What an inspiring story (from Phillip, below) Knowing Poles and Poland, it doesn't suprise me - dignity and class in overwhelming portions.... hope you make it back to Wierzynek before too long. Regards, Keith

Reply Dec 13th, 2006
Philip John Wollerman
New Zealand

This is not a recent review, however I'm sure it will be of interest to those who have had the pleasure of dining here, or those contemplating doing so.

In 1981 a group of four New Zealanders travelling by van through what was then the "Eastern Bloc" emerged from an almost harrowing month in Soviet Russia into what was a delightful, friendly late-summer Poland. At this time the movement "Solidarity" was almost at its peak, and people everywhere felt relaxed and empowered as they anticipated the imminent collapse of their communist overlords. Unfortunately this was not to be as a crackdown followed perhaps only a month after our visit.

Our experience at the restaurant began with a chance meeting at a railway station dining room with a young Polish girl eager to practice her English. We offered her much of our scarce food and other supplies as much of those things were impossible to get at that time - toilet paper, toothbrushes, even jam!

She, in exchange, became our guide and we picked her up from her mother's home and spent several days seeing the real - non-communist Cracow. On our final evening she arranged for us to dine at this historic restaurant where a friend was working.

Arriving at the appointed hour, and quite inappropriately dressed, we were royally welcomed by the staff and shown to an exceptional private room filled with a great many antique clocks, and featuring a long table in white linen and a view across the Square. In the centre of the table, a tiny New Zealand flag made us feel honoured. We had already fallen in love with the Poles, and this was to be a meal to remember for the rest of our lives...

Our guide was our guest, however we did not feel the other staff should miss out and we ordered wine and fed them in shifts as they came to wait on our table.

There was great dignity but obvious sadness when they had to tell us that mushrooms were not available, however the cellar was stocked with excellent French wines, and our party - as it became! - enjoyed the most extraordinary feast until very early the next day - perhaps three am...

As we left our waiters carefully threw down copies of the blue covered, tasselled and highly ornate menus as souvenirs. How I wish I could find mine - however the memory lives on!!

This has been a chance for me to say Thank You, and one day perhaps I will bring my children to see this masterpiece.

Reply Dec 12th, 2006
Neil Tooley
United Kingdom

Reading the reviews it is strange how some people have vastly different experiences of the same place. My wife and I ate here mid-November 2006 and while I thought it was unlikely to be busy that time of the year, I e-mailed my reservation with a request for a window seat overlooking the main square. Glad I did as the place was packed and rightly so. The tour guide who had taken us to Auschwitz earlier that day told us in was one of the oldest and most famous quality restaurants in Poland, located in a grand house formerly owned by a wealthy merchant who liked to entertain his clients at home. It was a good description. The appearance of the place is more like a rich man's residence rather than a restaurant, situated over several floors/rooms, chandeliers and wall tapestries adding to the atmosphere. Unlike a previous commentator, we did not find the atmosphere stuffy or oppresive, but it is certainly geared more to romantic meals for couples rather than stag parties. The service was excellent and my dish of venison, boar and quail with a celery mousse was delicious - and probably for a third of the price of an equivalent restaurant in London. I hope I get the chance to go again.

Reply Nov 28th, 2006
Ruth Jamie
United Kingdom

Fabulous Restaurant with First Class Service. The food was excellant, great presentation and very reasonably priced by UK standards. We had a window seat overlooking the town square, the setting was perfect. We booked beforehand to avoid disapointment. Would definately go again.

Reply Oct 20th, 2006
Alan Berman
United Kingdom

A fantstic meal in delightful surroundings. The service was courteous and efficient. Would srongly recommend a vist. Good value for money.

Reply Sep 17th, 2006
Jane Bryce
United Kingdom

Fabulous restaurant not to be missed when in Krakow but book early( you can book online before your trip) We were there for 4 days mid week and could only get a lunchtime reservation. Food is fabulous , service excellent ambience perfect and prices reasonable by UK standards . Don't miss it . Not suitable for children.

Reply Aug 27th, 2006
Sue Ligthart

Always risky. I booked this for our last day to celebrate with my husband our few days away without children! so a lot of expectations we running on this being a great experience, plus our Polish aupair had raved about it. I was nervous as the outside (curled plastic menu and ladies in middle ages style ill fitting dresses) did not fit with the great dining exerience I wanted. However we were not disapointed - a five course lunch (108 zlotty per person) doubled easily by champagne and wine - a long very pleasurable lunch in beautiful surroundings (inside on the first floor overlooking the main square. We were smart casual for the occassion and it felt good to eat good food in lovely surroundings knowing we did not have to sell one of the children to pay the bill.

Food, five courses, two fine, three exceptional, good service, superb location. Very adult and glad it came up to expectaions. Would put as a do not miss. Phew!

Reply Aug 14th, 2006
Tabatha Dennis
United States

This is the finest restaurant in Krakow! The romantic old-world charm is only one great aspect of this fine-dining establishment. I ordered the set 5-course menu of traditional Polish food and was warmly surprised dish after dish. The restaurant also offers a beautiful view of the Rynek, whether you eat inside one of the antiqued rooms upstairs or outside. The entire experience was lovely.

Reply Jul 27th, 2006
United Kingdom

Excellent restaurant, we sat outside. Fast service and excellent waiters, very friendly and speak perfect english. Would definitely visit again.

Reply Jul 5th, 2006
United Kingdom

We ate here and although the restaurant is stunning and the food was good, we found the atmosphere a bit too stiff for our liking. The service took ages as our waiter was serving two different floors. We had better meals for less money in Krakow but if you are looking for a posh restaurant for a formal meal, this is definitely worth a visit.

Reply May 23rd, 2006
carole troy

Exceptional food, exceptional service in an exceptional restaurant. Visit here was one of the highlights of my visit to Krakow.

Reply May 21st, 2006
United States

You're welcome...

Reply May 11th, 2006
United Kingdom

This place is amazing! We ate here on April 18th, and the food, atmosphere and service are outstanding. The waiter was very funny and charming, brought us a complimentary fish course and recommended fantastic food and drinks - the best meal I have ever eaten.

Reply Apr 29th, 2006
Angela and Neil Santy
United Kingdom

Ate here 9th April 2006 after booking arrangements by email.Food was excellent,service superb,location and ambience wonderful,thank you to all the staff,we enjoyed it all so much.

Reply Apr 12th, 2006
United Kingdom

This restaurant was easily better than the Giant's castle, and Wishy washy's. The food was superb, but the waiters were a bit rude to me, I think it was because of my gimmicky name. Anyway, try the golden goose eggs, they were worth running off with.

Reply Apr 3rd, 2006
Krystyna Whitechurch
United Kingdom

We went along wandering if this could be as good as all the glowing reviews - well, it surpassed all our expectations. The devine food, excellent service and an ambiance to die for ( and all for the price of a set meal!!!!). Truly a top class restaurant that we recommend without any reservations.

Reply Mar 15th, 2006

A wonderful eating experience. Highly recommended !

Reply Mar 12th, 2006
Lynn Nowicki
United Kingdom

The food the service were A1. All staff made you feel welcome and special. Excellent valentines night out. Recommend anyone to visit this restaurant.

Reply Feb 16th, 2006
rod reese
United States

very good.

i had the "composition" of venison, quail and boar. my wife had the duck which she thought had a bit of wild taste to it.

a more formal appearing venue with tuxedoed waiters, however in this day and age the patrons don't care how sloppy they dress no matter what the restaurant.

we drink water with our meals and generally prefer a carafe of "plain tap water." we could drink quite a few of the very small bottles of still mineral water we were provided.

you cannot leave a tip on the credit card despite a line item for such on the part you sign.

we were seated in the "clock" room. all the dining rooms are apparently upstairs.

my primary criticism would be that my mixed greens salad with polish ham/bacon was overdressed. it seems to be the norm here. in the states we ask for our dressing on the side to avoid this but that is not a custom they seem to be familiar with here.

we would eat here again

Reply Dec 27th, 2005
steve sob
United Kingdom

eight of us ate there on the 26/10/2005.what an experience,we had a four course meal,which was fantastic.followed by brandies,the bill equalled about £25.00 sterling,per like royalty,at a reasonable price.

Reply Nov 3rd, 2005
Andy Bell
United Kingdom

Following the reviews on this site I took the oppurtunity to visit this wonderful restaurant on Weds 5/10/05. If you are visiting Cracow you must take this place in. My wife and I had a fantastic meal, the beetroot soup and meat dumplings was to die for! We were treated like royalty. A fantastic meal in a fantastic city!

Reply Oct 8th, 2005
John Buttery
United Kingdom

Only found this place on our last night. What a pity as the food is OUTSTANDING. I had fillet of wild boar with smoked plums and new potatoes with dill butter. Sublime. Cost around £7. I would expect to pay at least double for that quality in UK. If you can't find something on this menu to suit then you must be a "Sun" reader and get yourself off to the McGarbage on Florianska

Reply Aug 9th, 2005
John Uhlemann
United States

We visited the first time because of a recommendation from a polish friend in the US, but we came back the next night because of the excellent atmosphere, service and quailty of the cuisine. The beautiful restoration of this historical building complements the careful food preparation. When we returned 2 weeks later, the waiter even remembered how my wife liked her water served! My only criticism would be that during our first visits the background music occasionally bordered on soft rock. That seemed to have been corrected by our third visit.

Reply Jul 13th, 2005
J Slazyk
United States

Once we found Restaurant Wierzynek, we at there twice. Once in the main dining room, and another time in the lower level fondue/bar. Food was better than we expected, wines were served with knowledge and the service was very good.

Reply Jul 3rd, 2005
United Kingdom

How we got a table at this place I have no idea! What an experience... not to be missed!

Reply Apr 19th, 2005
Stephen Mills
United Kingdom

Laying claim to be the best restaurant in Krakow - and the reality does not disappoint. The food is outstanding and, most importantly, the waiters are attentive and courteous. Its not cheap, but in comparison with Western European prices for similar standards, this represents great value. And it has class, something you simply cannot buy.

Reply Feb 24th, 2005
Agata Nowaczyk

A restaurant full of history, which you can really feel. The surroundings are unique & the view from the table we had, over the square, was stunning. The food is authentic Polish & of the highest standard. If its not on the menu then just ask. The staff are very helpful & polite. A definite must!

Reply Feb 16th, 2005
Paddy Nolan
United Kingdom

Excellent! The restaurant came highly recommended & it didn't dissapoint one bit. The surroundings are incredible, the staff, attentive, polite & very smart & the food was first class. As for value...2 four course meals (with wine) were 247zl! Don't miss it!

Reply Feb 16th, 2005
United States

Sweet. expensive but sweet. you can stargaze here...

Reply Jan 19th, 2005
Philip Fentem
United Kingdom

This is a real star! It is the best restaurant in town, with superb food and the most attentive waiters you could wish to be served by. The food is excellent Polish cuisine and the chef a real craftsman who adds those little touches that make all the difference to the meal.

We came here for New Year's Eve 2005; we had a table overlooking the town square, which just made the final touch to the most magical and memorable evening.

Reply Jan 4th, 2005
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