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Editor's review

Getting lost and wandering around Krakow's old streets certainly has its charms. However, even the most astute traveller will miss the occasional tidbit of information. Krakow Tours provides its guests with an in-depth look at all that Krakow and the surrounding area have to offer. Each tour is tailor-made to suit your personal needs and tastes. Enjoy all the attention you can handle. Some of the tours are even led by an English author of a Krakow Guide - you can't beat that kind of experience! Krakow Tours provides excursions to all the popular destinations: the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Auschwitz and Birkenau, Zakopane, Ojcow National Park, even Nowa Huta! You'll also find a few tours here that you simply won't find anywhere else. Good service, good value, we highly recommend it!

Editor & Krakow Local


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Ian Draper
United Kingdom

Hello Kasia - now that we are back home in UK, I wanted to say a very big

thank you to your company for arranging our two visits to Auschwitz Birkenau

on 27th and then to The Salt Mines on 29th November.

I was very impressed with the overall organisation, payment procedures and

especially with the local team including the drivers and Tim who I spoke to

regarding an item that was left on the bus and returned to the hotel - that

was very good service.

Please extend our very grateful thanks to them all for such excellent


Reply Dec 2nd, 2016
Helen & Mike
United Kingdom

Thank you for a very good and efficient job. All of the taxis turned up on time and we had a great holiday.

Reply Jul 20th, 2016
V Williams
United Kingdom

Hi Kasia,Thankyou for organising our trips,everything went very well. Monique took us on the walking tour,she was so knowledgable and such a lovely girl. We all loved Kraków. Thanks again,Val Williams.

Reply May 3rd, 2016
United Kingdom

Fantastic organisation from start to finish - we visited the Salt Mines and Auschwitz and everything was taken care for us - thank you !

Reply Jun 11th, 2014
Ann Helen

I recommend this people. Nice lady who drove the minibus to Auschwitz, and we were taken care of by clever guids and picked up by our chauffeur when the conducted tour was over. Very good.

Reply Nov 27th, 2013
United Kingdom

These guys are just the best - everything taken care of... thanks, Kasia!

Reply Aug 20th, 2013
United States

I would highly recommed "Krakow Tours" to explore one of the most beatiful City in PL. Great staff.

Reply Jan 4th, 2013
United Kingdom

Fantastic service all round - thanks Kasia!

Reply Jan 4th, 2013
Vibeke Gjertsen

Tom was a great guide. We all enjoyed ourselves and tom really showed us the pubs we Very interesting! The guides did a very good job, they had a lot of knowledge and managed to tell the stories and history of the communism in a very interesting way.

Reply Oct 13th, 2010
Jocelynn Dagosta
United States

Our tour guide Agnes was wonderful. She made our Krakow experience terrific.

Reply Oct 13th, 2010
United Kingdom

Our guide was excellent (sorry, didn't catch her name - petite blonde woman). My recommendation about Auschwitz in general is that some limitation on the number of people who can visit at one time should be imposed. It was far far too crowded to be able to truly appreciate what you were seeing.

Reply Oct 13th, 2010
Rory Mcmaclock

The service was great, guide very knowledgeable and I got a lot of in depth information about Krakow and especially Jewish culture. Enjoyed Schindler's Factory tour especially.

Reply Sep 12th, 2010
United Kingdom

Booked my Auschwitz visit through these guys and their service is excellent. They picked us up in a mini bus and made only 3 other pick ups so your not sat on a big bus all morning picking up from numerous hotels. The ride to and from the museum was smooth and efficient. On arrival the museum itself was extremely busy but our driver ushered us through quickly to avoid the crowds and introduced us to our guide who was brilliant. A must place to visit and book it with these guys.

Reply May 30th, 2009
Dick McNamara
United States

Very professional and well-informed tour guides

Reply Feb 10th, 2009
Benjamin V.
United Kingdom

The most professional tour company in Krakow. I always recommend my visiting clients go to these guys for the best introduction to the city!

Reply Jan 19th, 2009
United Kingdom

The extra few zlotys are worth it - these guys know what they're doing and will get you from place to place in the most efficient and easygoing manner.

Reply Dec 3rd, 2008
United Kingdom

Whooops - I just saw Brent's post, and we ended up doing the same thing! First trip with Krakow Tours cost a bit more than many other places advertising and while it was an incredibly professional and enjoyable trip, we thought maybe we should try something cheaper... what a mistake! Same experience as with Brent and we definitely regretted it. Call these guys for the best way to experience Krakow!!

Reply Oct 28th, 2008
United Kingdom

Brent, took your advice and booked with Krakow Tours - everything was great and we certainly felt well looked after and not part of a 'sardine' tour bus!

Reply Oct 21st, 2008
Brent Williams
United States

We made the big mistake of trying to go for cheaper price over better quality...

My wife arranged two tours with Krakow-tours in advance (the guys advertised here). We took the Salt Mine tour with them which was really great (mines? who knew!). We were paired with a family of three and had comfortable transport for the 5 of us. Our driver was polite and the on site tour was good.

That evening, seeing another company advertise for a few zloties cheaper, we decided to use them for the Auschwitz trip - boy were we wrong! We were crammed into a bus and spent 45 minutes driving around Krakow to various pickup points before actually departing for our 'tour'.

To Bartek - sorry we canceled but believe me I learned the lesson!

Reply May 28th, 2007
United States

Thank you - from the details all being arranged before our departure, to the punctual pickups from our hotel. You made my trip planning easy (hope you don't mind if I take the credit - my girlfriend finally believes me to be a mature, responsible individual)

Reply May 17th, 2007
United States

great staff ! well done : )

Reply May 9th, 2007
Todd B.
United States

thanks Krakow-Tours! From the emailing before our trip to the pickup from our hotel and the excellent guides - everything went smoothly. Thanks also for your advice on what to book (I had no idea a salt mine could be so interesting!)I will be recommending to everyone that they visit Krakow - and hand them your number to get it set up.

Reply Feb 20th, 2007
Neil Tooley
United Kingdom

Knowing that we only had a short time in Krakow, I did not want to mess around with public transport to undertake the obligatory trip to Auschwitz, so contacted Krakow Tours. As arranged, they sent a car to pick us up from our hotel, driven by an informative and delightful lady (sadly I forgot her name), who then organised our English speaking tour guide around Aushwitz and Birkenau. One little detail that you simply won't get by goining on an organised bus tour is that at Birkenau we dropped off with our guide on a country lane leading directly on to the memorial at the end of the rail tracks of the Juden Ramp, and then picked us up from the main car park at the official entrance to the camp where the busses park. The benefit of this is that having walked around Auschwitz, your feet have already taken a pounding on the cobbles. One is then taken to Birkenau and the entrance gate to the memorial, via the huts, must be about a mile to walk. If you get dropped off by the back entrance by a guide in a private car, the walk is considerably less. The camps are distressing enough without worrying about your feet ache. The all inclusive package, with the return car journey door to door, was only 320 PLN, which is about £57/€84, including the guided tour. Excellent.

Reply Nov 29th, 2006
Martin Smithfield
United Kingdom

Brilliant service! We loved the guided walk around Krakow, and the trips to Auschwitz and the salt mines were first class too. Everything was on time, transport was clean, drivers and guides friendly, enthusiastic and courteous. I'll be back in the summer for the Vodka Tour! Have a Super Christmas, Martin.

Reply Dec 16th, 2005
Howard Yaruss
United States

I immensely enjoyed our walk.  Your knowledge of Cracow and the political, social and historical context in which it exists were quite impressive and entertaining.  I could not think of a more worthwhile way to spend four hours.  The only criticism I have is of your fee - it was too low.

Howard Yaruss

New York City

Reply Sep 2nd, 2005
Lorna Bradford
United Kingdom

Just wanted to say thanks for the tour last Friday with Martine and myself. Really enjoyed it, it was great to see the city through the eyes of someone who is so knowledgeable and passionate. Top tips on the restaurants too - Italian place in Kazimierz was excellent and we loved the place on the other side of the river (Ogniem something, I can't remember!) - covered in snow on the Sunday night, looked magical. The tour really made our stay for us, you pitched it just right

All the best, I won't hesitate to recommend you to colleagues or friends if they come over to Krakow visiting.

Best wishes


Reply Mar 15th, 2005
Jake Crattonsley
United Kingdom

Excellent service. From the booking process to being picked up wherever we wanted to everything along the way... simply brilliant. We took the Auschwitz Tour - which I think everyone should - and it changed us forever. It was good to deal with a company which could take care of everything. All we had to do was absorb... I highly recommend Krakow Tours. And I strongly suggest a visit to the Auschwitz camps. Powerful.

Reply Feb 7th, 2005
Teri Bundars
United States

Nothing beats a one-on-one tour around this beautiful city. I've lived here for over 8 months already and I still was amazed at how much there is to see. I don't plan on leaving any time soon either!

Reply Nov 25th, 2004
Matt Langley
United States

This is a great service. I recommend the Communism Tour - some crazy guys take you around town in a real Trabant... not to be missed.

Reply Nov 17th, 2004
Hal Kossoff
United States

Excellent and informative trip. I would recommend that you take the walking tour at the beginning of your stay - it brings the city to life, and will help you get the most from the rest of your visit. Charming.

Reply Nov 2nd, 2004
Anthony Willowe
United States

This was a fantastic idea. We took the city walk and our guide knew absolutely everything about everything. The personal touch was key. With so much to do and see in Krakow, we still had the opportunity to go off on tangents and explore sidestreets and off-the-path locales. We definitely got a whole new perspective on the place - something only an insider or local could provide. I think everyone would enjoy this service. Way better than some big group thing.

Reply Oct 19th, 2004
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