30+ Funniest Polish Memes

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Do we really need an excuse to post some funny Polish memes?

Culture. History. Art. General Knowledge... it's all there.

Enjoy your education.










(przeciąg means catching a draft)











(Zimna Woda is a town in Poland. Wodka is Vodka.)



































(Polish people love mushroom foraging.)



(Ptaskie Mleczko is a well loved chocolate marshmellow thing)










"Babcia's Aquarium"





(Migos is bad rapper, Bigos is food)







(cygan means gypsy)








(Popular homemade fruit drink)


























































Thanks to Polish Memes, Polskie Memes & Polemical Polish memes for all the fantastic memes!



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Pierogi monster

Hello wiktor jak sie masz chuju

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Pierogi monster

Kurwa najlepsze memy

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