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Tourists come to Krakow for the culture and the night life - and increasingly the city is a destination for international companies of all sizes, looking for a modern, connected location to hold conferences, seminars, marketing and other events, both internally and externally. Pulling together the elements of any kind of business package requires careful planning and balancing various elements. How will your delegates reach their location? Where will they stay when they arrive? How are they going to get between the airport and their hotel? And what are they going to do in their down time? What if you want to reward or motivate your team with a day or two in one of Europe's most vibrant cultural cities? That's what Freebookers is for.


Getting to Krakow
Krakow is extremely well-served by a variety of airlines, which fly direct from other UK and European locations direct to Balice airport - less than 20 minutes by train from the city centre. Alternatively, you could fly into nearby Katowice and take a transfer from there. This option greatly increases the number of start points for your journey, so even if your delegates or work force is spread out they can all make it easily to your event.

Getting to the centre of Krakow from whichever airport you choose couldn't be easier. Freebookers works closely with a number of professional, English-speaking taxi firms, as well as private hire car and minibus operators which offer services ranging from standard to luxury.

The travel industry has been of great benefit to Krakow, and the city can boast thousands of rooms and suites to let, by the day, the week, the month, or longer term. This situation has been especially kind to the business community, as long-established hotels in the city have recognised the need to provide high-quality accommodation and services for professionals - while quite a few newer and internationally recognised chains now have bases here too.

Whether you're simply looking for conference space or need someone to take care of the logistics of equipment hire and so on, Freebookers can connect you with the hotels and conference centres that are geared exclusively to meeting your business needs. There are plenty of opportunities for small seminars, mid-sized groups, or full-on, corporate-wide conferences, all with facilities that fit exactly what you are looking for.

Business, as you know, is not all about the numbers and the bottom line. Sometimes your team performs above and beyond the call of duty and you want to reward them. At other times, a short break can provide the glue that turns an effective team into an unbreakable one. And always, if you are inviting delegates from other firms or industry sectors, you need to think about the down time too.
Thankfully, that's all taken care of it Krakow. Tours are available to suit every taste - whether you want a morning in one of Krakow's famous museums , an afternoon delving into the communist past of Nowa Huta in the back of a Trabant, or an evening sampling the city's glorious and varied night life . Or, bring the team for the weekend, and treat them to a day of winter sports in Zakopane , a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Wieliczka Salt Mines , or a few hours paintballing the countryside of southern Poland.

Business Rates
If you're chasing the bottom line, you could hardly have picked a better location for great value and top-rate services. Many establishments in Krakow offer business packages to firms visiting the city - but do you really want to spend hours on the phone and internet finding them, and would you know where to find them..?

We're Here To Help
... That's where we come in. Freebookers is your one-stop shop for all your business needs in Krakow. We can help you make sure that everything runs smoothly for the duration of your stay, arrange transfers for you and your clients, make sure you have the right accommodation, connect you with the conference venues that can offer you the best value to meet your needs, and even make sure that you, your team and your clients have a full dining and entertainment itinerary.
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