Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin is a great city for dining out, with restaurants to suit every pocket. Budget conscious backpackers can always stop off at an Imbiss (which translated means "snack"). These are usually small huts with a few tables outside where you can stand and eat your Bratwurst in a bun. Or do as a Berliner does: have a Currywurst. The Currywurst is a Berlin tradition - like a Brockwurst, but smoked and boiled instead of grilled, and then sliced up and served in thick curry flavoured ketchup... Yum!

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Schönhauser Allee 142

49. Maharadscha

0 reviews
Mommsenstraße 9

50. Marjellchen

0 reviews
Schlossstrasse 7/8

51. Don Camillo

0 reviews
Leibnizstr. 45
Wielandstrasse 38

53. Weingeist

0 reviews
Schlüterstr. 29

54. Baba Angora

0 reviews
Lychenerstrasse 50

55. Sasaya

0 reviews
Gaudystrasse 1

56. St Gaudy

0 reviews
Gipsstraße 2

57. Kasbah

0 reviews
Bleibtreustraße 49

58. 12 Apostel

0 reviews
Torstrasse 99

59. Vino e Libri

0 reviews
Linienstrasse 132

60. Dada Falafel

0 reviews
Schlüterstrasse 61

61. Jules Verne

0 reviews
Alt-Köpenick 21

62. Ratskeller Koepenick

0 reviews
Rosa-Luxemburg-str. 7

63. Dolores

0 reviews
Rosenthaler Straße 68

64. Transit

0 reviews

Reviews about Restaurants in Berlin

Muchas gracias Stephano

Villa Rodizio

Could not see a damn thing.

Nocti Vagus

We made the big mistake to try to eat something. The owner is very very rude and absolutely client unfriendly we were FLABBERGASTED!!!. Beer and Soup were okay but we never got the chance to order the main course because the kitchen was suddenly closed!!!! In the end we found very friendly service and good food for half the price two doors away.

Radke's Gasthaus Alt-Berlin

Not sure why this place is so popular... it was ok, but nothing amazing

Monsieur Vuong

Classic Berlin!


HI, I am wondering if you can help me with ancestry


The most rude persons I've ever met. No one should go there EVER. We left the restaurant 3 minutes after we entered, both with another couple from US that attempted also to eat there. No one should give him even one euro, since they are not interested at all for customers. Awful attitude!!! The one star review is because I have no option for none. To be honest it is the first time I write a review, but potential customers should know about him!

Radke's Gasthaus Alt-Berlin

I give a star because its location which is easy to find. please be totally aware this is not the gambrinus restaurant that was famous for, this is now closed. This pub is very old pub, small, no decoration. only 13 small pictures in wall. Food not value for money,with very small portions and cold. Looks like if they are masquerading the original Gambrinus which also had a different address. The chinese person who serves was welcoming though...

United Kingdom,

okay. not very good, but it was decent.

United States,
Villa Rodizio

love that place! nice atmosphere and lovely people

Cafe Morgenrot