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Grolmanstrasse 47

1. Sachiko Sushi

7 reviews

Reviews about Sushi Restaurants in Berlin

I did not like the food. I cant believe my fish was cold!!!!

Sachiko Sushi

best quality of makis - service is not the best - prices rather high - but nevertheless good quality - although my favorite sushi in Berlin is

Sachiko Sushi

I LOVE sushi! This place was great, and had all the rolls I expected, plus a few surprises. Recommended.

Sachiko Sushi

Great quality sushi at good prices. Very well made and the atmosphere is comfortable. Will go back soon with my friends.....

United States,
Sachiko Sushi

authentic sushi, value for the money, which very often not the case in sushi places. importantly, Sachiko knows which rice to use. fred wersing, the hague.

Sachiko Sushi

glad to have found this tasty spot in berlin - great place to stop for the sushi obsessed

United States,
Sachiko Sushi

Can't get enough of that sashimi and wasabi sauce. Sachiko Sushi is well worth dropping by whne in Berlin

Sachiko Sushi