Nightclubs in Berlin

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Kopenickerstrasse 16-17

1. Spindler & Klatt

8 reviews
Kopenicker Strasse 76

2. KitKatClub

58 reviews
Alexanderplatz 5

3. Weekend Club

28 reviews
Kopenickerstrasse 59-73

4. Tresor

32 reviews
Torstrasse 60

5. Kaffee Burger

7 reviews
Am Wriezener Bahnhof

6. Berghain & Panorama Bar

369 reviews
Falckensteinstrasse 49

7. Watergate Club

44 reviews
Schonhauser Allee 6/7

8. White Trash Fast Food

5 reviews
Stralauer Platz 34/35

9. Maria am Ostbahnhof

3 reviews
Hauptstrasse 30

10. Havanna

3 reviews
Kopenicker Strasse 76

11. Sage Club

3 reviews
Joachimstalerstrasse 15

12. Q-Dorf

4 reviews
Marlene-Dietrich-Pl. 1

13. Adagio

0 reviews
Ackerstrasse 169-70

14. Schokoladen

2 reviews
Chaussee Strasse 106

15. Rio

0 reviews
Kantstrasse 12a

16. Quasimodo

0 reviews

Reviews about Nightclubs in Berlin

um restaurante muito interessante com comidas muito boas! O clube depois foi ok. mais a festa tinha o temá dos 90s...

Spindler & Klatt

Best Place in Berlin!

Spindler & Klatt

Racist staff against black people

Weekend Club

Will be coming to country from feb 20 to 24. Want to have gangbang and orgies.


Never been to a club like this, but would love to try. Going to berlin january 24th to january 27th, is there any chance for a single man to get trough the bouncers?


Hi, my wife and I will be in Berlin from 31st of December to 2nd of January? Does anyone knows will the club be open those days and how much is the entry fee? Thanks in advance.


Hi my name is Alex Gregory of Anstey Leicester uk. I went with my partner bill stroud. It was unbelievable what we did in there. All I can say is cock cock and more cock


Bouncers excluding club goers based on race and German skills!!! Waiting in line at the club a friendly man introduced himself and asked to join me and my sister (both white and from the US) when entering the club to up his chances of admission. We obliged and chatted. The bouncer took one look at the man (Georgian, minimal German language knowledge) and denied us all entry. After shouting at the man in German the bouncer switched to English to say he had the authority to exclude people from the club and that he had a bad feeling about this guy. While disappointed to be denied entry, I am glad to have avoided a club with blatant exclusionary practices based on race and langauge abilities. Very disappointing...

United States,
Weekend Club

fucking absolutely rocking , feel like i been shagged by daffy duck on acid , ... loved every millisecond ... artistic orgasmic nipple juice on tap , get ya ass to mars , wooooooosssshhhh ...kit kat kitty kitty kat much ok-ness oozing from every pore ... xxx :)


Best night of my nightlife. I'm an old school party kid, grew up on NYC raves in the 90s. Went with two girlfriends. They did ask questions at the door. It was a bit like we got interviewed. But then the two guys just looked at each other and were like yea have a great time. And holy shit I did. And once I was inside the entire door situation made perfect sense. It's the very reason why this was a night I will never forget (as opposed to say Watergate the night before!) and a night that could never happen at another place. We went in Sunday 1pm and stayed until 5, returned around 11pm. I left at 9:30am and didn't really sleep until 11pm that night I was on such a Berghain high. And all I "did" was lemonade.

United States,
Berghain & Panorama Bar