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Berlin is an absolute must for the party-goer with bars, pubs and clubs to suit every taste, and some of the most original venues to be found anywhere in the world. The city's famed ability to regenerate means that many a derelict shell has been revamped into the latest hip joint to be seen in. Be warned, Berlin is vast and many of the better places are hidden away - check out our directory and note down a few addresses first, or you could spend more time looking for the bars than drinking in them!

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Czeminskistraße 10, 10829

113. Barkett

0 reviews

Reviews about Berlin Bars and Pubs

um restaurante muito interessante com comidas muito boas! O clube depois foi ok. mais a festa tinha o temá dos 90s...

Spindler & Klatt

Best Place in Berlin!

Spindler & Klatt

Racist staff against black people

Weekend Club

Was there in 1967, 68, and 69 when stationed in the Air Force at Templehof. One of my favorite local joints in Berlin, the other being The 50/50 Bier Bar.

United States,
Haifisch Bar

Will be coming to country from feb 20 to 24. Want to have gangbang and orgies.


Never been to a club like this, but would love to try. Going to berlin january 24th to january 27th, is there any chance for a single man to get trough the bouncers?


Dominique is just a clown in the making, she is fake and racist along with her staff

United States,

Shit club and wose in Europe, v unfriendly, dirty and racist


We loved this place. We encountered purely by chance, and found everything about it really good. The beer was excellent, food also of high standard, with friendly and efficient service. We were so impressed that we came back the next day.

United Kingdom,
Marcus Brau

Hi, my wife and I will be in Berlin from 31st of December to 2nd of January? Does anyone knows will the club be open those days and how much is the entry fee? Thanks in advance.