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Berghain & Panorama Bar
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Editor's review

Touted by many as the best club in Berlin, Berghain is definitely not for asthmatic, weedy types who were always trying to skip gym. In this industrial-style warehouse club you'll find the hardest of Berlin's hardcore pushing squares 'til way past breakfast time. The beats are relentless, the atmosphere hedonistic... And the crowd? Well you're never quite sure if the menacing, bare-chested toyboys are scowling at you, or eyeing you up. Upstairs in the Panorama bar, things are very slightly more civilized - but not much. A friendly crowd processes packets of chemicals into buckets of sweat way into the following day!

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Crikey. This place is unbelievable!

Reply Dec 25th, 2022
مبروك يوسف


Reply Aug 24th, 2019

Fucken shit went in a black skirt and black shirt but because I wore makeup and lipstick they didn’t let me in because I put too much effort in.. I’m from Australia and mate that wasn’t effort ! Fucken a joke! And also because we spoke English they didn’t want us... Discrimination at its Finest! We acted normal and quite in the line and all

Reply Jul 7th, 2019
United States

Best night of my nightlife. I'm an old school party kid, grew up on NYC raves in the 90s. Went with two girlfriends. They did ask questions at the door. It was a bit like we got interviewed. But then the two guys just looked at each other and were like yea have a great time. And holy shit I did. And once I was inside the entire door situation made perfect sense. It's the very reason why this was a night I will never forget (as opposed to say Watergate the night before!) and a night that could never happen at another place.

We went in Sunday 1pm and stayed until 5, returned around 11pm. I left at 9:30am and didn't really sleep until 11pm that night I was on such a Berghain high. And all I "did" was lemonade.

Reply Jul 5th, 2017

Eine saugeile Location, eine wahnsinnige Atmosphäre, klasse Stimmung. Einfach unbeschreiblich, das muss man erlebt haben. Das Berghain ist wirklich eine Welt für sich, wenn man einmal drin ist will man gar nicht mehr raus

Reply Feb 4th, 2017

Toller laden gibt nur eins- Entweder wirst du das Berghain hassen weil du es nicht verstehst oder du wirst ihn lieben weil es so ist wie es ist. Berghain halt. Ab und zu feiern dort auch Stars wie Lena Gercke am 11.09.2016. Have fun and love it!

Reply Sep 13th, 2016

wonderful place

Reply Aug 4th, 2016

This place is just paradise. No words to describe this.

Reply Jun 28th, 2016

Really bad place, disgusting fascist policy

Reply Apr 11th, 2016
Geo_ NamMyohoRengeKyo
United Kingdom

We went to Berghain on Sunday morning as our german friends suggested us cause they said that people are nicer than Saturday and there is not a long line.

I went there at 1pm and we were asked whether it was 2 of us. I nodded and he asked us something in German. When he noticed that I didn't understand what he said he asked us if we were on the guest list and I said we weren't. At that point he said: "I'm sorry but you cannot get in". We left without asking any question.

My honest opinion from someone who does love Techno and electronic music is that this is the typical example where Music is not art anymore and becomes Marketing.

People who get into Berghein must look kinda radical chic, VIP ravers, pretencious homosexuals but THAT IS NOT why music exists. Music is for everybody not just for an "èlite".

My boyfriend and I both love music. In particular, he plays metal and electronic music and I am an old school raver although both of us have a pretty classical wearing style.

We do not take drugs anymore so perhaps we do not have that typical "heroin chic" style which Berghain door men really like.

We're also bisexual, so we're not even judgeamental against anybody and do love diversity and inclusion.

At this point I want to say that what they're doing in there: refusing people will at some point have a boomerang effect and this club will be considered the worst ever.

Reply Jan 17th, 2016

been this place several times. even waaaay back when the OstGut sign was still on the street. it was ok then. now it's shit. terrible sound, full of the club tourists that we were trying to get away from in the first place. and DJs that only want to shine for themselves. meaning unless you're high as fuck the vibe you're on will stop every time the DJ changes. did I mention the sound is really bad?

Reply Jan 10th, 2016
United Kingdom

The sound system is incredible what are you talking about

Reply Oct 3rd, 2016

This place is so epic. For sure one of the best in the world. Fantastic atmosphere, unbeleavable sound. It's defiently worth it.

Reply Dec 7th, 2015
United States

Amazing place..... please, when I die, can heaven be like this......

Reply Jun 23rd, 2015
مبروك يوسف


Reply Aug 24th, 2019
United Kingdom

Cult ! Nothing else comes even close

Reply May 14th, 2015
United Kingdom

Is the tattooed b*****d bouncer still around ?

Reply Apr 5th, 2015
United Kingdom

Horribly over-rated. Stand in a line for hours only to be turned away with no explanation....

Reply Mar 31st, 2015
United Kingdom

That's the whole reason why Berghain is so popular! If you could get in each time without any problems, where would be the fun in that????

Reply Apr 5th, 2015
United States

Do girls wear trainers or jus flat boots or heels? I'm going tomorrow and have no idea what to wear on my feet help

Reply Nov 14th, 2014

Hi, we are looking a group of 3 girls just to enter to Panorama, Of course we pay the entrance. If you are interested, please send me a message.


Reply Nov 3rd, 2014
United States

I went to berghain with a friend living in Germany, we were both visiting Berlin for the first time. We asked about the "best of the best" night clubs in Berlin and were referred to this club by our waitress at dinner. We took her advice and didn't look too much into the club in terms of dress code before arriving, we were both very appropriately dressed for any bar or club. We waited in line 2 hours, anticipating this club which looked haunted, mysterious, foreign and something to be explored. As we approached the bouncer he asked us a question in German ( none of us speak German) we both looked at each other and said sorry English? He looked at his friend for two seconds, arrogantly laughed and said you can not come in. We thought he was joking at first so continued to walk in and he stopped us by saying "no entry" goodbye. The bouncers were not only rude and arrogant but condescending and racist. They continued to deny the people behind us access as well who looked very well dressed and everyone seemed to know the drill with no heated contention. This club is not only racist but condescendingly arrogant who seem to especially dislike foreigners. It is an interesting wait in line as you can have a drink or two and witness the Berlin night life culture in full swing - but for a tourist coming to Berlin for the first time I honestly would not recommend wasting your time here - you will likely wait 2-3 hours and likely get denied for not speaking German and for any other random reason the bouncer didn't feel like letting you in. Maybe he has a thing against short girls ? Blondes? Maybe he doesn't like you don't speak German like him? Maybe he didnt like I wasn't wearing all black? Who knows and who cares - don't waste your night waiting in line and trying to figure this out - enjoy yourself a more equal non rasist club and enjoy berlin!!

Reply Nov 2nd, 2014
United Kingdom

Berghain is definitely not racist

Reply Oct 3rd, 2016
United Kingdom

Rising from the ashes of Ostgut club, Berghain has successfully eclipsed its Berlin rivals to become the leading pioneer of techno in the city, if not the world. In fact the hype around Berghain is such that crowds queue for hours for the chance to join in the mayhem, only to fall foul of the Russian roulette door policy (hedge your bets by turning up in a small group and being as metrosexual as possible). If the bouncer does take a shining to you, the first thing that will strike you upon entering Berghain is the immense scale of the place: its 18m ceilings, held up by steel and concrete pillars, providing the perfect setting for parties so good that you feel they must be illegal. The predominantly gay crowd often strip down to their waists for a no attitude mash up, whilst what they do in the shadowy corners probably shouldn't be investigated. Upstairs in the Panoramabar things are slightly less seedy with electro and house sounds being played through to Sunday afternoons and beyond.

Reply Dec 27th, 2013


I lived in Berlin for a year in 2007 and went to the Berghain 3 times. I never even knew there was a door policy thing. The parties were packed with cool diverse people, the vibe was great, and all I have are great memories.

Went there again in 2013 - what a disappointment.. two of my friends weren't let in. me and my boy friend were let in (unfortunately).

Ugly staff with bad attitude, felt totaly racist. people who were turned down at the entrance looked really ok ! The place was empty inside so what the hell ? (3am) the vibe was down and gloomy..We left after half an hour. Is this what I came back for :(

This place is a gonner - never gonna come back !

Reply Sep 25th, 2013
United Kingdom

Been there twice.

The first time I went there I was with a gay friend of mine, we went there at about 8am on a Sunday morning after a long night out. We decided that we have nothing to loose - if the bouncer gives us thumbs down we'd be happy to go home and get some sleep (we went to Watergate and Tresor before heading off to Berghain). We both looked pretty rough but we were not drunk.

Second time, I was with the same gay friend and my boyfriend. We got in with absolutely no problem.

The first time I went to Berghain I was only 18 years old. Looking very young I was almost sure I won't get in, but the bouncer at the door was rather friendly and jokingly asked if my mum is aware of my whereabouts.

Great place, love the vibes. However, I much prefer Panorama Bar to Berghain. Love people-watching there when the shutters are open!

P.S. I feel like the door policy is random and nobody should get too worked up about not getting in. I've seen very interesting, fashionable, hip people being turned away, who I'd have thought would almost definitely get in. Of course, not looking like a total douche helps. Most people recommend wearing darker colours, no heels, no shirts, no short dresses, etc... However, the second time I got in I was wearing the shortest dress I have. I've seen loads of people wearing quite classy clothes inside, seen girls covered in glitter, wearing high heels etc...

What I'm saying is, the door policy is random. Getting into this club is a bit like gambling. I only went there when I was about to head home and felt like if I don't get in it would be a good riddance.

Reply Jan 27th, 2014
United Kingdom

This was my third visit to Berghain, my first 2009, then 2011 and then last Sunday. All three times I have been on the guest list but first two times that made no difference to whether I got in or not as I had to get past the bouncers first before telling the person at the booth I was on the list. This time I was informed beforehand that you could walk up to the front and say you are on the list which I did (I was with my husband and another couple). The door staff were quite blunt but ok otherwise although we felt were let in through gritted teeth as we were on the main DJs list (they even argued amongst themselves the way we pronounced the DJs surname which was quite bizarre and amusing at the same time). We didn't even try to attempt to hide the fact we were English. What people need to remember is that (a) this is a gay sex club, you need to understand that this is their territory and they need to feel comfortable here (b) us Brits have an appalling reputation abroad and quite frankly are not very likeable to a lot of people although of course I agree you shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush but sadly some people have given us a terrible name. I have a friend from Berlin who has been to Berghain over 100 times. She has seen many locals turned away too and I have heard the bouncers are actually very nice guys. They are doing their job. She doesn't think it's about race. They are trying to keep the tourists out but in a way what do they expect? If they insist on putting these world class DJs on they are going to attract non gay clubbers to this club. Anyway to the night itself.... I had a great time, music did not blow me away like it did previously but the place is special and had a great groove and vibe. The reason I'm giving this 6/10 is because of the most RUDEST bar man I have ever encountered who served me in panorama bar. I was tired by this point as I had done 14 hours and asked for a diet coke as I didn't want to drink anymore. He started screaming at me in German and I thought it was because he couldn't hear me so I repeated my order twice more and then he screamed I don't like the way u looked at me. I can honestly say I have never been so confused in all my life. My husband spotted the commotion walked over and basically told him to stuff his drink and said come on we are going home and the guy then practically pulled out this gymnastic movement, jumped over the panorama bar and started shouting and trying to shove the diet coke at us. We hopped to it with him trailing us past the cages, into Berghain and down the stairs all the while shouting and pushing my husband. We did a runner out of there. He was a very very angry man, no idea what his problem was and wont be going back. Can't wait to explore Berlin and check out new places as I certainly don't intend judge Germans from this one experience! Sorry Berghain 6/10 for me this time. You had your day, time to shut up shop before u don't finish on a high. Sad but true.

Reply Nov 12th, 2013
United Kingdom

well i didn't get in so it gets of course a 1 :)

I'm english, love dancing to tunes, which i have done for about 22 years and if the music is good then i dance all night, am 38 but look 28, am a straight, open, fun guy with no attitude.

I went at 10 am Sunday on my own, sober, jeans, down jacket and woolly hat, although i did feel slightly nervous as i'd heard about the door policy - not a feeling i really like to begin with - bouncer asked if I spoke german - er... nine :) got the thumb away. I tried again an hour later with a different outfit - scruffier jeans, no jacket, hooded top, different staff, but he asked me a question in german - this time i went with a Ya..? and he gave me the thumb off - seemed like it was probably the non-german speaking thing - maybe not enough germans inside at the time - is german speaking so important in a banging techno club? almost all germans speak some english - good dancing with a good smile for me makes a good clubber. I can rarely understand what an english guy is saying to me over loud sound systems but you can communicate with your face and hands.

i guess i'm pretty disappointed, as have come to Berlin pretty much for this and have waited a week for the weekend . I’ve never been turned away from a club before and often I get let in for free for some reason. Worth mentioning that I didn’t have to queue at all at this time – God knows how people would feel if they had been queuing for ages in the cold to get turned away for a mystery reason – a question you need to ask yourself before you consider trying . I spent the day feeling pretty low as dancing in a big warehouse space has me written all over – although I did have a good Sunday all nighter later at Renate where Villalobos was playing.

To be fair to locals I was warned against going and suggested alternatives, as the door policy is a bit of an embarrassment for some and it doesn't exactly brighten the rest of your day if you do get turned away. I can understand turning away drunken big groups who will be a closed circus and so not much fun for others.

Perhaps we should reciprocate the favor and ban germans from the london clubs too? - only joking -I'm not an asshole :)

So long Berghain - enjoy the clique, I thought most people grew out of that stuff once they left the playground. Maybe I’ll come back one day once I hear that things have changed for the better.

Reply Dec 18th, 2012
Techno lover

The whole reason everybody loves Berghain so much IS the bouncer. He is the absolute best, and puts a mixed but tolerant and open minded crowd together every single clubnight.. He picks people of which he knows will surely have fun at Berghain, beacause not every tourist will like it in there.. So don't feel bad you didn't come in, maybe it is just not for you, and another club will suit you better

Reply Dec 24th, 2012

Speechless. My friends and I were reading all the reviews and stressing out about getting in. In the end we chucked on our usual attire (casual and trendy) and went for it. Everyone was wearing coats anyway so it's really got nothing to do with what your wearing EXCEPT...any girls wearing heels, short dresses and too much makeup were turned away. It's not your average club. It's a warehouse. Basically if your wearing heels your not prepared to dance into the next afternoon, which is the experience here. We were asked in English 'how many' replied in Englih and went through. This was a Saturday night about 2am. I would advise big groups to split up intros 2's or 3's and don't draw bad attention to yourselves by being loud or dunk in line. At the end of the day, he gets a vibe or not. It was an amazing place filled with cool people there to enjoy the beats. Give it a go! So worth it. I think I left my soul in there!

Reply Jan 10th, 2013
United Kingdom

Went to Berghain twice on March 2012. First time was on the Friday for the Substance night I was on my own. Waited bout 15 minutes in the que. Sven waived me in. Had a great night.On the Sunday afternoon (day 4 of a 6 day Berlin trip from Glasgow I went at 2pm and the security guy laughed as I was on the wrong side of the entrance pen.Welcomed me in and I had one of the best clubbing experience of my life the atmosphere of the place is incredible. Berghain is excellent but the diversity of Panorama Bar music and people kept me captive for most of my time at the club. On the door policy I was fortunate that it was not an issue for me although I did feel sorry for those rejected in front of me. Its a dance club in a power station so dress accordingly. that is, wear dark clothes in whatever your own personal style is for the night.I have been clubbing for many years and I can honestly say inside of Berghain is one of the least pretentious clubs I'v ever been too.

Reply Jun 17th, 2012

for all the people there saying they would leave and come back at different times of day, the bouncer at berghain has a photographic memory which allows him to remember every single person he rejects or lets in. i know people who are considered regulars after a few times and come back a year later and he remembers them

Reply Jul 24th, 2012

Doubtful ... Surely if they are considered 'regulars' then they would be remembered on that basis rather than a super-power-like 12 month photographic memory...

The door staff change shifts so it is possible to get a second stab at entry ...

Reply Jul 24th, 2012
United States

Contrary to what one may think Berlin is like these days.. Berghain is unfortunately one of the only reminding factors of the dark history of Germany...ignorant staff, following elitist policies... it's quite sad and completely illegal what goes on..

Reply Jul 22nd, 2012
United Kingdom

No doubt it is the coolest place where everything is allowed apart from entry. And I thought Germans are all about unification and integration?!

Reply Sep 3rd, 2012

I went to Berghain with two guy friends in mid may. We knew about their door policy and the possibility that we might get rejected. We went at 6 am and waited for about half an hour in line. the bouncer just asked how many of us there were, we said 'drei' and we got in w/o any trouble. Berghain was pretty okay, but Pano worked so much better for us. and the crowd was really diverse, there were some really wonderful people there. we stayed until the next day in the afternoon and went home to sleep a bit and then went back to party a bit more. loved Berghain - it's the most special club that I have ever been to. the vibe, music and people are amazing.

Reply May 23rd, 2013
Jon Jon

This club is a bad representation of night life and Berlin culture.

The attitude on the door is ridiculous and I’ve been turned away once and wont be back.

I don’t give a fu** for who they think they are never less how shit the place looks.

Everyone is entitle to freedom. Judge people before you even talk to them is discrimination and poor mentality. I’m impress that German people let this kind of shit hole running in this great city.

Very bad impression for visitors either club lovers.

I vote to close down.

Reply May 9th, 2013
United States

on an evening stroll in Berlin last winter ,i decided to try my luck and went to Berghain, was clearly misinformed and when I arrived around two in the morning I noticed that was only open an attachment outside of the large factory, in the door was a bouncer around thirties who asked me what I wanted, I said I had heard very well of that place , and he told me ,that day ,that the attachment was too tight and that I should try two days later around midnight. Two days after, the manufactures was already open with a long queue and I wait a bit and hear that two girls who were in front of me, had gone to change clothes twice that night hoping to enter, once the next day they would left berlin. i recognized the bouncer that i had met, at the door along with another older than having exchanged a few looks, this older, or let you pass or say "get fuck of her", that girls did not enter but they let me enter after asking whether i was with someone. within,there were people of a extensive range of ages, always in great animation, people like me ,with eighteen or with fifty .basically was always dancing until 11 in the morning when I could not raise my feet. I always ,found the Germans very open and I think this does not have anything to do with the entry into a nightclub .

Reply Aug 19th, 2013
United Kingdom

This place is wild. I went there first six years ago and again last night. Both saturdays. The crowd appears straighter than last time and slightly less adventurous but just as fun-loving and easy going. The sound system is extraordinary, the music superb and the setting is unlike anywhere. With friendly and numerous staff,this place is divine. I'm sure lots of nice and interesting people get rejected, but the key to getting in seems to be dressing down, not up, being a gay or not macho and not being wasted. I went in with a group of five other english speaking gay mates and we were waived through. We thought about saying we were three groups of two but our regular berghain going friend seemed very confident that six relaxed gays all between 30 and 35 would be admitted and he was right. it's hard to tell of course, but I would say that the many people in front of us who were rejected were straight, young or had put a bit too much effort into their look. Those inside seemed very chilled, diverse in age, sexuality and race - all of which makes for a great atmosphere. it is absolutely worth the hassle of the queue. Those mocking it here seem largely to be those who feel they have a right to enter but were refused. Try to look a little less entitled and a little more relaxed and I think you'll have more luck. It's random I'm sure but whatever door policy is being employed, it works. Just look at the interest this place has created on this website alone.

Reply Aug 26th, 2012

I have to say that Berghain is the most amazing club I have ever been to. A couple of weeks ago I was rejected for the first time (I've been maybe 8 times in total) but then last sunday everything was fine again, so it really is random. That's part of the allure though. I'm a girl, Swedish, 21 years and pretty stylish, and they always ask me in English how old I am, so to say they're only looking for mid-30s latexwearing german gay guys is not true, but everyone who's been knows that already :) Sometimes you get in, sometimes you don't but if you enjoy techno you HAVE to go for the insane magical experience that is Berghain.

Reply Nov 20th, 2012

Mr X review made me laugh ! :-D

Reply May 21st, 2012
United States

Wow. Arrived with one male buddy close to 3:30AM on SAT morning and stood in line for about 45 min. Dressed casual - nothing crazy. Didn't really know the deal until I saw a guy being forcibly expelled but honestly he was acting a fool. Line was dead quiet. As I got closer I started to see several lone guys getting rejected and they had no idea what just hit them. At this point I started to get a bit nervous too but stayed cool - there are plenty of clubs in Berlin anyway. When I was finally about to be judged I just looked straight at them nonchalantly and got waved in. Hooray. Yeah I felt bad for the peeps sent away but it could have just as easily been me and I think this is part of the whole experience. I noticed the guy behind the cash counter had on a Sheer Terror shirt and complimented him on it in English since I was once big into NYC Hardcore punk too - he smiled back and the party began. Ridiculously efficient coat check then up the stairs to Berghain. (My buddy warned me to avoid the basement as things taking place there could not be unseen...) Thumping beats from the insane Funktion One sound system inside the main floor - this is the worldwide church of techno! Loads of fetishists and bears on speed grooving to the beat - you then realize the door policy has made for an amazing cast of characters in this awesome party!!! Then up to Panorama Bar with it's deep house grooves as the window blinds automatically opened to let the daylight in. This place is otherworldly. Decided to take a break to the more lighthearted Kater Holzig club for a few hours and then walked right back into Berghain with our stamps. Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock were ruling the decks giving me a new appreciation for purist techno. The only reason I departed at 3PM the following day was to make my train. Nobody parties like the Berliners.

Reply May 16th, 2012
Mr X
United Kingdom

Ok so we turned up at 7 am this sunday morning only to be turned away. Ive been to Berghain before and have been turned away once or twice, but usually in busy periods ...which is almost understandable as they are no way obliged to let the world and his wife in. This is the nature of the beast and the lottery which we all gamble on when approaching the muscle-bound bubblehead door monkeys. However I think enough is enough now with Berghain - Turning away 2 electronic music lovers ( one of us a dj / producer and the other a seasoned raver) at 7am on a sunday is quite frankly, pathetic. We were dressed in a pretty neutral outfits and certainly didnt look like rookies / wrong 'type of person' for the club. I can only imagine we were turned away for being english. Ok fair enough we were a little wide eyed but we werent stumbling al over the place or anything. The bouncers themselves try hard to intimidate you ( which didnt work ) and gernerally give off a vibe as being a complete bunch of c****. We came from B pitch Control night at Watergate which was some of the best music I ve heard in a long long time in a nightclub - the awesome and up-for-it , non-serious crowd were probably better then the berghain clientele anyway in my opinion. From having spoken to other friends who went to both that evening , apparently the atmosphere , crowd and music were better at Watergate - Berghain 'Panorama full of moody looking tranny types and gym bunnies ( which has never botherd me in the past FYI ). So...are people right when they say that Berghain is slipping ? I think so . MY buddy was at Martin Lansky there last year and they were turning away people in their droves . He got in and upon arriving in panorama was greeted by a half filled dance floor. Declining a crowd of people who have come to see Landsky play and keeping the dancefloor half empty is ridiculous - what planet are they on ?? They obviously have no business sense nor respect for the DJ. So why Berghain do you turn me and my friend away at 7 am on sunday ? Its not exactly tourist time - Its blantently obvious that weve come for the music and the experience. Is that not a good reason to let us in ? I hope Berghain sell out to someone with a bit more sense. If not, I fear the club may well die a death before long. Im telling you , I have heard from a lot of people in Berlin that they think the club has slipped. Sack the door staff and give the club back to the people who are passionate for the music. Dont turn people away for not being German. Dont turn away people who dont pass the style / looks test . The love of the music is what brings us all together and gives the dancefloor its magic. Berghain GET A GRIP .

Reply Apr 29th, 2012
United States

Pretty good but, I would agree that's it's overrated. Music was awesome, venue was impressive. Dirty, smelly and a questionable amount of miserable looking people. Best part, got turned down twice and all I have to say is: a little eyeliner will go a long way. So much for Berghain's sharp eye, kind of pathetic.

Reply Apr 22nd, 2012

I was shit faced...kept on shouting that I was from Norway (which I'm not) and I was wearing a big woolen sweater with an insect shaped broche. For some reason I got in right away. Didn't find it all that special tho. I stayed for about 20 minutes. In Berghain's defence, I was probably too drunk to enjoy it, and a woolen sweater with a turtle neck is not the best thing to wear when surrounded by a those bare chested beef cakes.

Reply Apr 12th, 2012
Pat Rask

I will vomit on myself the day I dance amongst a crowd that has qualified the outfit-test. The beautiful people, where retardation have run deep since the 17th century.

Reply Apr 11th, 2012

Depends on line up, Hun, but every time i was there on Sun after 9pm it was as lively as hell:))

Germans party hard, love them:)

Reply Mar 23rd, 2012

Experienced Berghain for the first time a year ago, and was by far one of the most intense and dramatic experiences I have ever had. The key for all of those wondering how to get in is basically to be genuine and not be an asshole. I'm returning to Berlin in three weeks, but I will only be there from late Sunday night through Tuesday so I'm curious what anyone's opinion is regarding the club during that time frame since the first time I came there I was there from 6h-17h00 on a Sunday?

Reply Mar 23rd, 2012
Too fast to live too young to die

Oh shit is there any rehab to take care of my berghain addiction? Cant get enough of berghain. Its beautiful.

Reply Mar 16th, 2012
United Kingdom

Seriously, seriously overrated. Been three times, got in every time. Danced, had fun and went home last to leave the building like I do whenever I go out to a club. No life changing episode or anything groundbreaking or remotely shocking. I just don't get the hype and it all seems a bit like the over the top nonsense that surrounded Cream and Gatecrasher in the nineties. There was better nights out than those places then and there is better nights than Berghain now. The problem is if enough people say something is groundbreaking and special everybody starts to believe it.

I even hears someone compare this place to studio 54. That killed me.

Reply Mar 16th, 2012

Geoff, you couldn't be more right. I think we should mate.

Reply Mar 16th, 2012

Notice how the only people hating on berghain are the ones who didn't get in?

It is stunning, utterly reliable, saturday night is a bit touristy, go on sunday morning and you'll get the full Berlin local vibe. Completely hedonistic, one of the best booking policies in the world. As for the door policy, yes getting turned away sucks, but without that door policy the club would be full to the brim of pissed up groups of tourists looking a bit confused and taking photos of each other, look what happened to fabric.

Once you're in this club is ridiculous, dancing in Berghain is like going to war, full on crazy apocalypse vibes, a total overwhelming full body sound experience. The only response to those stupid huge drops is to dance harder than you have ever danced before. Panne Bar is home to some of the most euphoric musical moments you will ever experience, chill, sexy, and utterly beautiful. With the sunlight filtering trough the shutters it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

sexy, dark, dirty, seductive, and completely irresistable, Berghain is absolutly one of the best clubs in the world

Reply Mar 14th, 2012

You make it sound exactly how I picture Berghain... aahhh

Reply Dec 23rd, 2016
United Kingdom

i'm sorry daniel but you attention to detail about you outfit is orobably one of the reasons that hindered you.


berghain/pano is special.

Reply Mar 14th, 2012

oh come on, guys, could you please stop wining on how xenophobic Berghain is! those comments sound immature. Berghain is the place with the level of freedom and tolerance rarely found anywhere in the world, including those quasi-tolerant and pseudo-freespirited NYC, FLL, MIA, LA and all the European capitals. B's doormen may be harsh on some, but they are utterly sexy so they are forgiven instantly:) and yes, they have clear guidelines on who's welcomed inside, so let's not be that naive to think those turned down are random victims. and yes Germans are the sexiest in Europe (ah that fair hair- blue/green/grey eyes combination!:), plus German kids are the most friendly and party hard like nowhere in the world, which make them absolutely irresistable:)

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I hate Berghain. It's stuck up and that is all there is to it. Oh, and it's full of people like Satori who simply cannot wait for the Wall to go back up and the deportation railroad to start carting non-Germans away again, isn't that a fact? Admit it Satori, you're a closet fascist... just the kind of person most Germans are ashamed to know... pah!

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United Kingdom

For a certain kind of person berghain is absolute paradise.

The door policy is a bit random, and at times a harsh, but it's the only way they can maintain the vibe inside with the rep they have. Everyone has heard of berghain so tourists flock to it, if they let in every pissed up group of twats in then they would very quickly lose what makes berghain so special.

Once you're in the outside world disappears, you can do whatever you like, you'll meet the funniest coolest most interesting people, listen to some of the best music on one of the best systems in the world, and dance for hours and hours at a time with hundreds of like minded people.

The attention to detail shown by the owners is unbelievable, everything needed for a stunning night is in place, all aspects are focused solely on good vibes and good times.

If you think back to the most debauched chemical powered nights you have had, the ones that go on forever and ever, where you feel as if you on some magical different planet where all the normal rules of life don't apply anymore, where you can do whatever you want all the time. That is berghain, every week all the time. It is nights out and parties taken to the extreme.

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United Kingdom

Right then guys are you ready for this………My friend and I went to Berlin at the weekend as we have never been. One of the reasons was to go to see one of our fave DJ’s Luciano who was playing at Panorama Bar (Berghain), we knew he was playing on Sunday but wasnt sure what time so we decided to go down Sunday morning at 7am after having a sleep. We are both 30 and definitely cool, I was wearing grey chords military style boots and military style smart jacket with a scarf neck top underneath as it was freezing and sporting a neatly trimmed beard.

My friend was wearing smart grey jeans boots and barbour style jacket sporting a bit of stubble! So we are fresh faced, yet a little anxious as we read a few reviews and were warned that we might not get in, we walked down the path of doom to the club, there was nobody in the queue, so just us at the front waiting anxiously at the barrier. The doorman opens the door, takes a look at us shakes his head and points to the side gate. Gutted! Back down the path of doom we go in a taxi back to the hotel.

We decided to chill out watch some tv have an hour then go back down to the club at 2pm to hopefully see Luciano. We also decided to change our outfit so they wouldnt recognise us, so outfit 2 was black bootcut distressed jeans same boots, Scarf Neck cotton jacket with a couple of layers underneath not visible and this time a slouch beanie, my friend: brown chords same shoes blue shirt and thick blue knitted cardigan and slouch beanie! Again fresh faced we head down to Berghain and the path of doom, 3 people in queue behind us, my friend stood in front of me, the door opens and the doorman (different guy) looks at us and asks “zwei?” we reply “Ja” he thinks about it for a couple of seconds, shakes his head and points to the side gate. Consequently the 3 Germans behind us 2 guys one girl walk straight in. Gutted again we get back in the taxi go for some food and a drink then back to the hotel to get warm.

We had given up at this point until we got back to the hotel, checked Twitter and found out Luciano was playing from 7pm till the death, which obviously lifted our spirits and we decided to give it one last try. I had bought a leather look hooded bomber jacket that looked cool but not too smart I wore blue chords same boots and a grey beanie and I shaved my beard off leaving a moustache. My friend: dark jeans barbour style jacket and black peaked beanie. This time we had a couple of drinks while getting ready to calm the nerves and I listed 4 other clubs that we could try if we didnt get in.

This time, as advised we decided to go to the door one by one, we got there at 8pm, I chose to go 1st, I got to the door and while I was waiting I could here Luciano was playing as he has a particular style of music. The door opens (different doorman) he looks at me shakes his head and says no I say “no” he says “no” and points to the gate. Triple gutted! Now my friends turn. I walk back up the path and follow him 20 yards behind to see what the doorman does, he opens the door to let some people out and I think to myself “hes getting in” the doorman points to him as if to say “you” and he edges forward a little (thinking hes in), but the doorman shakes his head and points to the side gate. I dont know weather he was teasing him or someone watching the monitor had knocked him back. On this occassion there was a couple of groups of people stood outside that had also been refused entry.

So as you can see from the story we followed most of the simple rules to gain access and I have only 3 reasons that we may have been refused entry.

1. We dont look German or Eastern European

2. Every time we went to the club, there was no queue

3. We were not starry eyed (off our tits on pills)

I know you say you shouldnt take drugs but the people that were coming out were smashed. I have been clubbing for 10 years ive been to the UK’s best Techno club, most clubs in London and all over the UK, Ibiza, Miami, Amsterdam and South Africa. I am a DJ and producer and produce house music with my friend so we are very passionate about music which is why we went there. So why would they not allow us into the club to experience it and let us get our fix of house music????

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Went mid January and after big gee up about this place found it pretty ordinary.

Tressor Club and Kit Kat club were a lot more fun.

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After two nights queing for more than 1.30 hours by -5° and being kicked out twice with my friends (eventhough we were playing gay style) by the seductive bouncers of Berghain... I have nothing else to sing but the well know french anthem:


Love from France...


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United States

@ Deb

absolutely NOT my experience. Berghain hasn't changed. Still real and authentic. I was there 2 weeks ago, the vibe was so unique. Only great people, no arrogance, no posers. Just great connection and generosity in the air. I doubt you got in the club actually to be honest. What you are writing is just to extreme and the opposite of what I felt in Berghain 2 weeks ago. sorry man...I don't believe you !

Reply Dec 23rd, 2011

I have been to the Berghain 3 times and i have to say..the vibe in the place has totally changed.

When i was there a year ago, i met nothing but lovely, friendly people, with a keen interested in music but last time i was there, for they're 7th birthday, i was really disappointed with the atmosphere. The crowd in the berghain and panorama bar have become posers, totally snobby and up to themselves, the bar staff is rude and they all just seem angry. There were a few tourists but the place is mainly filled with germans. The crowd is just so arrogant.

Apart from that, people were all self conscious thinking they were in a catwalk. totally full of themselves.

Berghain isn't the same anymore its filled with a bunch of posers, it became "too cool".

i went to other clubs in berlin and met great people, who were all there for the music and nice atmosphere.

Berghain's music is still the best in Berlin though but the audience is ruining the place.

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I ve been in Berghain & Panorama for the first time many years ago. Just loved it. Sometimes i visit Berlin just to go there. The door policy is unpredictable and strict. The rule is that there are no rules. I think you have more chances if you are not overdressed, jeans , T shirt, a cool leather outfit and sneakers are more than fine. Keep it down when you are qeueing. Be cool but not tacky.

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Adam platt
United Kingdom

We went to Berlin for fly Bermuda festival there was 20 of us that attended it and after 4 of my friends out of the group including myself went to the after party club.Then decided to go to panorama bar and split up into 2 groups and watched lots of people get turned away then got to the front and was told to wait 2 mins after he looked us up and down we got straight in and so did my friends.After that it was probley the most industrial clubbing experience of my life.i can understand why they don't want to commercialise it and keep it as it is. There's so much happening in berlin so best thing to do is go there for another event and go try getting in after just to make it extra special like we did and you will not be disappointed in anyway.!!

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United Kingdom

Went to Berghain at 8am Sunday morning and followed all the advice you see here - on my own, dressed down, no attitude etc. etc. Got turned away, but have to say the bouncers weren't pricks about it. Here's the thing though - there were about 30 people ahead of me and they ALL got turned away. By the time I made the door, I already knew what was gonna happen! I was in Berlin with about 20 friends, all seasoned clubbers, and we all went there in pairs or alone, all bar three turned away and none of the people turned away saw anyone in front of them get in either. It really does seem like a total lottery. If you're going to Berlin purely for Berghain, you're taking a big risk that could ruin your weekend. Was it a downer? Not really. Berlin is a fantastic city and you'll have a great time with or without Berghain.

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Sorry guys does NOT need any tourist...we´ve already got far too many of them and Berghain door policy is not even good enough, most of my german friends don´t want to go there anymore because of too many tourists, even though we don´t have to queue nor pay. this is the best club in the world, and it would not be so if they let all those groups of drunken tourists come in....

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United States

I was there one month ago while visiting Berlin, I had any problem to get in, i was with my best friend and a guy that we met that same night.

I was drunk as hell...

It was the wildest night of my entire life. I stayed there untill 17,30pm Sunday. I just thought it were 10 in the morning and surprise..almost 6 in the afternoon. I was schocked! I know I had fun, but certainly I don't remember the most of the day.... is scary!!!!

Panorama is great! just take with alcohol, sustances, or mixing them....

:) Recommended at least once in your life!!!

Reply Nov 2nd, 2011

Just divine! Would go there to only see the doorman with short dark sleek hair, he's so archetypical masculine! Love him and all the things going on in berghain;)

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Wasnt drunk. didnt say a word, had a blue rainjacket on and just looked decent. the cock at the door with the stasi-look ofcturned us away. we were two guys. and we spoke with some friends who had been there and they told us that it wasnt that cool. we went to white-trash, and it rocked

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United States

Best club in the world, no doubt about it.My favorite night this summer was as 17 hour session highlighted by a 4 hour tech/house Sasha set followed by an 8.5 hour Cassy set in Panorama Bar, not to mention Ben Klock and Monolake opening Berghain. Saturday night turns into Sunday evening very quickly in Panorama Bar. To get past the door just follow the conventional wisdom by dressing down (jeans, a leather jacket, and converse have worked every time for me), going in pairs, keeping quiet and cool in line, not arriving off your ass, and not making it obvious you're a tourist if you are. And if you are turned away its no big deal, happens to everyone. Watergate is a great time as well and a short walk or cab away.

I can't wait to get back to Berlin and Berghain.

Reply Oct 18th, 2011

The best club i´ve ever been. I like the building, the people, the atmosphere, the music. Can´t wait for the next party. About the door policy: I went two weeks ago on saturday night with a friend, early (00:30-1 a.m.); no queue, we talked in english (with the doormen )and spanish (with my friend) , no special dress ( went to Weekend and Berghain with the same coat ), we were relaxed, just relaxed, like always, no matter the place. Perhaps that´s the secret to get in.

Reply Sep 27th, 2011

I went to Berlin there this summer as a tourist and what I basically did to get in was mix myself with a group of german people. Of course you won't generally let in if you go with a group of non-speaking german people. And about my age, I turned 18 this year, and they don't cheak IDs or anything at all. I'm SO looking forward to going back to Berghain asap... Basically... best club of my life

Reply Sep 9th, 2011
United States

What people don't understand, is that the door policy at Berghain is generally not personal. (I guess if you're a group of ten loud, tacky, drunk, belligerent, non-German speaking tourists, it is kind of personal, but most of the time it's just chance.) I speak near-fluent German and had been living in Berlin for a year. My friends and I hadn't made it to Berghain yet, because you can't go there with more than 1 or 2 companions max, and we generally did things in groups. It was my second to last night in the city, and I was leaving through Berghain or not at all. We went to another club and then I went to Berghain at 4 am with a gorgeous female friend who would normally get into any club. They waved us away. We went back to the previous club and then came back to Berghain and lined up again at 6 am after changing our hair. They asked how many we were (zwei), how old we were (einundzwanzig) and then waved us away. She went home. I went back to my apartment, changed clothes and came back around 8-9am. This time I remembered something I'd read in an interview with Sven, how he looks for life in the faces. I stood quietly, caught his eye for a second, smiled and looked away. They discussed. He asked me if my mother knew where I was, I laughed, said natürlich, and he said, Okay, viel Spaß and waved me in. Now maybe my/our age was working against us there, but it's not a fixed thing, and there was nothing concrete wrong with my/our appearances either, it's just random. You can never know, so it's silly when people get so aggressive and take it ultra-personally. Of course, some people are truly tacky and have no business there, but for many it's totally chance. I went in and had the most insane experience of my life, danced until afternoon. Berghain is well worth the effort, most glorious sound system in the world, the most free atmosphere, the best DJs, beautiful but real people who are there for the music and to be truly liberated and party. Can't wait to go back.

Reply Sep 6th, 2011
United States

American, spoke English at the door, Gay, and a tourist.... Had no problem getting in! This place was BANANAS! I want to thank the bouncer/RN for helping me through a rough roll!!!!

Reply Aug 23rd, 2011
United States

Great Club!!!! Got into Berghain with no problem. I'm Afican Amercian was solo and not gay, so all the people crying about injusctice need to stop. A bunch of germans got turned down infront of me so I guessing its a hit or miss. Best techno club I've been too. If you dont get in, also try tresor or watergate both also good clubs.

Reply Aug 16th, 2011
United Kingdom

What a waste of time. Not worth it to wait almost 30 minutes for..

Reply Aug 6th, 2011

Ok that s going to be complicated perhaps but despite I can understand the anger of those guys that have bounced back (especially after wasting over 2 hrs and freezing in the mega-schlange I saw last Saturday) yet berghain is exactly this. It s a Place where you cannot really be sure to get in. Either you like this fact or not. And that is exactly the reason why berghain will still be there in 5 years.. Or maybe longer or at least as long as people will find it cool...and for sure the complaint of tourist disappointed for the bad manners reserved to them (I wonder whether would they still find that door policy inappropriate if they had made in...). Berghain is not a matter of tourists needed in Berlin ( which is doing better and better independently from berghain). Berghain, I am afraid has more to do with shaking ego's, of both, those who makes in and those who is being rejected (for opposite reasons of course). Said this, it cannot be denied it is one of the coolest clubs on earth... Don't be pissed guys! Try it again next time instead

Reply Jul 26th, 2011

+++"No black peepz tonight"+++

3 pp were sent away in front of us. Never heard this much racism at doors of clubs in Europe, drugs is even more allowed? Nice place, very minimalism but not that special. Lot of gay people, lot of gothics. No hygiene at all downstairs.

Reply Jul 25th, 2011

It's a shame for Berlin to have a club like this. The only 'hope' in the miserable nightlife of Berlin, but a doorpolicy to refuse tourists. I think you have to be as gay as the typical German security guys to come in. With an attitude like this, I'd love to invite him in the NL. See if he's still a 'tough guy' like he thought he was.. One thing they forget, is the fact that Berlin need tourists. We payed twice a taxi E 25, waited for over 45 minutes in the cold. Chapeau Berghain, keep going like this and you won't exist in 5 yrs from now on. Chapeau for the security guy, who thinks he's 'the man', but still is ofcourse, just a security guy. Well done, your mother would be proud of you!

Reply Jul 25th, 2011

Top 3 things you will experience at B:

-euphoria strikes (I have usually 7-10 strikes/night, had even goosebumps 1st time from the music this weekend - thank you to Margaret Dygas, the DJ, for that)

-uber music that won't let you quit the place in shorter than 6-24 hours (my average time spent at B is 10-12 hours)

-the coolest kids (hot, forward thinking and acting, hedonistic and ultimately boho)

Top 3 wanted at B:

-lgbt primarily and this is not a straight ppl discrimination, just lgbt guys tend to be more tolerant/fun/cool/advanced/easy going/human exterior obsessed - qualities that are most welcomed at B. Trannies are my personal favorite from the cohort, met a really hot guy from Norway this weekend who was sporting some divine fuck my heels & polka dot red silk dress on the dance floor, she was so hot/romantic/sensitive

-characters of any gender/Nationality that scream PERSONALITY, incl. "misfits" as commoners define that cool type of ppl. It is such a widely spread myth that Germans are the most wanted at B! tons of German kids are sent back home, 2 Scottish guys right in front of me in the line decided to fake they were Germans and joined some German girls to grant the entrance - all of them, German girls included, fiasco-ed.

-Age 25+. Maturity is required to appreciate all the things going on at B. People at B respect themselves and all the ppl around - quality rarely exhibited at a teenage phase of life.

3Ds not wanted at B:

-dickheads (love the guys from the UK, but the majority of English guys that come to B surprisingly tend to be loud/drunk/arrogant/judgmental and eventually not wanted inside - may be it is just a kind of a role model these teens have back there in London? I don't really know...)

-dress up, esp girls. B is not the right place to impress people with a cocktail dress and high heels that scream sex. Last season outfits will only go if you interpreted/personified/customized them, not just plain copy from a catwalk. Jeens & white shirts not to mention evening suites for guys to be worn to Cookies/Weekend not Berghain

-dull. Do not look like a commoner, ordinarity is an extreme opposite of B positioning, so differentiate

Reply Jul 25th, 2011
United States

We got in no problem. We had been doing the fetish parties all night and were 4 people in full latex with large trench coats buttoned over our outfits. It was 6:45am, bright outside. We were 3 Asian females and one Caucasian male, our ages ranging from 22-50. We waited maybe 20 minutes, too tired to chat and probably looking pretty wrecked after partying all weekend at Kit Kat, Insomnia, and a bunch of others. About 16 out of 20 people in front of us flat out got rejected. The 22 year old got super anxious, but stood there quietly. The door guy put up 4 fingers like he was asking, and I put up 4 fingers back and smiled. We were in. They made me check my camera, and my friend checked his huge bag of gear, but by choice and not because he was forced. Once inside, the music was LOUD! But as a huge tech house fan, I definitely was in heaven. We tried the various rooms and danced upstairs for a while, and then later moved to the lower level. No one bothered us, so we could just get our dance on. It got too hot to wear the coat, so I stripped down to the latex, and was totally out of place, but not harassed in any way which was great! I have to admit, in some ways I liked the old Tresor club better. I don't see how people can compare the two, as they are two totally different experiences. But Berghain is unique to anything out there, and if you need a hard techno fix (like I did,) this is the place.

Reply Jun 15th, 2011
United Kingdom

Visited the club around 6 years ago plenty getting turned away, mostly large, loud groups. Me and my brother got in no problems. We visited Berlin just for the techno and dressed accordingly, jeans, t-shirt and trainers. Once inside we had a drink then left to get some sleep at the hostel to return the next morning (don't wash of the stamp!) We had a wonderful time and met some wonderful people and got invited to an afterparty in the loft of some high rise apartments. A truelly amazing night I will never forget.

The second best club I've ever been to. The best in my opinion was The Orbit but sadly it is no more.

I will return. (finished making babies now!)

Reply Jun 15th, 2011

It's funny how every single person having a cry about the club and door policy are those who didn't get in. I'm Australian and I get let in all the time with no dramas. The door policy is rarely about race or looks, it's about the way your presented and the attitude you have. If you look and act pretenciously, you're not getting in. The policy is there to keep the club raw and the atmosphere accepting and loving. It's all about the music and the feel of the club- and if you do get rejected for being foreign its not because you aren't German, it's because they are trying to keep away that tourist mentality e.g. cameras. Many tourists are so annoying and rude when they're out in other cities, and by rejecting the blatant tourist characters they are just trying to keep the club how it always has been and is- no judgment, just music. Of course if you're a tourist but clearly acting in a normal/ polite way and not showing signs of being a dickhead tourisst then they have no problems at all letting you in. On a side note, this club is brilliant and it's because of the policies they adopt. If you love to dance, have a good time, don't mind being around some chemicals (or having them) and love this kind of music- then Berghain is definitely for you!

Reply Jun 12th, 2011
United Kingdom

Queued for hours, had a laugh with my friend in teh queue- was sober and English and smiled....was rejected with no explanantion, everyobne else was dresses like a swampy, were german and didn't speak- if you want to get in, dress like an anarchist and look miserable

Reply May 6th, 2011

OMG, what are you people talking about?

Berghain is the heaven of techno!

I love the atmosphare in there, the music, the people. Everything is so amazing in there.

And the door policy just makes it to the club it is today. If anybody could go in there it wouldn't be the same club that it is today. It is a club for people who loves the techno music and the industry atmosphare.

Go Berghain, keep it rough

Reply Apr 6th, 2011
Matt Ellis

F+++ the Berghain. I have had it on the top of my list of things to do in Europe, got a hostel right around the corner from it, went there sober to line up and got looked up and down buy the bouncer with the tub of oil in his hair and he nodded me to the exit gate for no reason, lined up again for 40 minutes, and got the same thing. I'm not too sure if they're told to send people away for no reason but i will never reccommend it to anyone.

Reply Apr 4th, 2011

best club i ever seen in my life..........gorgeus gay guys, amazing place, never seen something like that, an enormous palace with a lot of dark and misterious places.....

at the door i dont know what to you have to say or look like but i m not german, i m from italy and when i go away a bouncer say to me even

i love you berghain, see you!!

Reply Mar 18th, 2011

Demonic place in a positive way. Uber wibes, be prepaired to scream unintentionally:) chemicals seem to make the place relentless untill lunch hours but who cares:)) ultimately friendly crowd, don't be shy to express family like feelings with total strangers:)) Concrete minimalism of the interior is so clen and sharp it hurts. The music is beautifully dark and overwhelming, provokes euphoria strikes that are so much stronger than sex drive so that you become ignorant of all the excessive fun available at the laboratory and elswhere:)) put together all nyc and london nightlife buzz, ibiza happiness and the free spirit of berlin itself and you may get the slight idea of what B is all about:))) Ah, will dream about those nights at B!:))

Reply Mar 14th, 2011

Been there three times now, and never had any problem. I think if you are there (with hand on heart) just for the music, you will be fine. If you get intimidated by their door-routine, you are probably in the wrong place.

Reply Feb 24th, 2011

it's much more than a night club, there is such a vision behind it ! a place like that is only possible in berlin. in 100 years people will still talk about it as THE first place who understood what techno music needs: the best location, the best sound system, the best people,the best DJ's, the BEST DOOR POLITIC ! Berghain rules!!

Reply Feb 21st, 2011
United Kingdom

Without any doubt, the best club I have ever been to. Go if you love techno, dancing like a machine and prefer your nightclub experience to be like a circus. Do not go because you think it's cool and you want to check it off as part of your Berlin travel itinerary. I have never had a problem getting in. If you are the person that thinks you need to sweet-talk door-people, you are the person that needs to be the most quiet in the queue (or not go). The policy is not to exclude anyone based on race, culture, age or even - within reason - clothing. It exists to keep the level of party-lovers high and try to exclude the party-poopers. It is amazing how much your ego is on show in your facial expressions when you're forced to wait around and these guys can pick out any telltale signs that you might just be an annoying dickhead. Sometimes they obviously fail - from some of the reviews I've read, some very annoying people that I would never want to meet have been let in. Many of them even rated the experience highly. Nobody's perfect. Mostly it's about your (good) attitude and openness. Don't be disheartened if you don't make it the first time and you still want to go - it might not be a reflection on you, but you might have done something small that just felt a little off with the doormen. I wouldn't go if the queue looked like it was an hour long anyway - find another time. Sunday morning (I’m talking 10AM here) is great. Lots of good advice here in other reviews about how to get in, but mostly it's about leaving your ego behind in the taxi and showing some humility. Also, people from chatty cultures will find it hard to get in - chat as much as you like inside, but never on the dance floor, or in the queue. Talking for the sake of talking is just not the Berghain way (maybe that’s a German, or a Berliner thing? I don’t really know) . But don’t try to fool anyone - if you’re one of those lout-ish idiots that goes to Ibiza parties to pull girls, dance terribly to music you have no connection to and get your selfish little voice heard above the crowd, please don’t go - nobody in Berghain wants to party with you.

Reply Feb 8th, 2011
custavo pina

hallo boa noite quero visitar panorama bar em maio gostava de encontraar travestis alemao ha esse anbiante ali boa noite custavo

Reply Feb 7th, 2011

This review is to clarify some misconceptions from previous posters. I am a regular punter living in Berlin.

1) Berghain is the hardcore techno, bare chested gay area.

2) Panorama has the housier, trendier crowd.

3) Both levels have unparalleled sound quality, and on most nights, tune selection

4) You'll rarely see less than 2 people leave a cubicle. Chemical heaven.

5) You'll rarely see madoutofit gurners underbiting their lips off. Patrons are generally in control.

6) Germans rarely go insane on the dancefloor. Just relentless dancing.

7) You can seriously let your hair down, without judgement. All rules out the window.

8) Door policy is mainly only strict if a) you go at the wrong time, and b) if you're a bogan/chav. Both need to be spot on to get in

9) Anyone can get laid at anytime in this club.

Reply Jan 18th, 2011

Went to the berghain last night. First off, when you line up it is just like judgement day. You line up in fencing which seems like cattle fencing. My boyfriend and i talked quietly to eachother but mainly looked calm and happy while in the line. It was about 12:30 saturday night. Everyone was getting rejected when we first lined up, the door man with the face tattoos and the door guy with a bald head would look people up and down then either npd their head outwards or point in the club. ALOT of people do not get in. We did manage to get in. It was just two of us which i think helped. We are australian not german which i worried about but the door people didnt hear pur acsent because we didnt talk, my boyfriend just showed 2 fingers indicating it was only us 2. Inside was pretty good, started to fill out an hour after getting in. I had a gay club vibe as there are many many gays inside. The music was really good and loud, i think the place is overrated but im glad i made

It though the judgement and i didnt have to do the walk of shame. Drinks were alot cheaper than expected, no mirrors is really weird

Reply Jan 16th, 2011
alli and ugo
United Kingdom

we arrived at the club at 10:30am, we had been to paloma, tresor, watergate and kit kat and we were w-r-e-c-k-e-d im english and my boyfriend is from milan we in are 30's didnt have to que or have any problem getting in, they did take the camera into the security until we went home and my box of mints caused mayhem on the security search!!!

The venue is as they say a shell very industrial absaloutly massive, there was a doorman who was 7.5 like the grim reaper in a green bomber jacket! The crowd seemed friendly we chatted to many all off there heads all dancing and drinking, what can you expect at 12:30, no mirrors no nice loos, just all about the music and i loved the techno music so i found my spot and got on with our afternoon...we just wished we went back sunday night or could of stayed longer throgh sunday day but we had been everywhere and still many places to go...if we go to berlin again we would love to go back same time around 10am or even 12 noon.

Reply Jan 13th, 2011
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First off, getting into to Berghain is daunting. The selection at the door doesn't always make sense, and when I lived in Berlin I was turned away twice before I learned a couple tricks to getting in.

First, if you go as a group, the bouncers better not know you are in a group. You'll have an easier time getting in if you approach the door in twos or by yourself. Don't communicate with your group while in line, if the bouncers notice it, they'll turn you away, saw it happen several times, and was the reason I got turned away the first time I went.

Secondly, being gay has its advantages getting in. I am gay, and pairing yourself up with a guy is almost guaranteed admission. I never saw gay guys get turned away. It isn't a gay club, but its just a celebration of sexual freedom and I think they try to encourage that with the selection.

Third, if you approach the door with a pretentious attitude, or dressed up like you were going to the slickest nightclub in Berlin, you aren't getting in. If you want that kind of club, go to Weekend.

All that being said, Berghain is incredible. The parties are amazing, the music is great, and you never know what you are going to find. There's nothing else like it in Berlin. There are certainly other fun places, but there is nothing like Berghain!

Reply Jan 11th, 2011
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Doesn't matter how you dress...if you're not German (or can fake it), you;re not getting in.

Reply Jan 10th, 2011

The most racist club of berlin. we didn't get in and the monkey of security pushing me away with force... Berghain will decade berlin's fame! I hope things will change otherwise berlin won't be the best city where dance techno.

Reply Jan 9th, 2011

Berghain/Panorama Bar is the mother of all clubs. I was there on 01.01.11, doing what the locals do, instead of joining the mayhem on NYE. The selection as door was daunting indeed, luckily my friend was cool enough to get me in ;)

I met the most amazing person there. He = dark wavy haired, Eurasian looking guy with the most amazing eyes. Me = Asian, Brownish hair, with pink star on my cheek. I never got your name. I think I will have to go back to Berghain just to find you. I will be back!

Reply Jan 4th, 2011

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