Watergate Club

Watergate Club
+49 (30) 61280396
Watergate Club
Falckensteinstrasse 49

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Editor's review

Clubbing cognescenti descending on Berlin will appreciate this throbbing hotspot, which regularly invites some of the world's premier DJ talent into its folds. Names like Adam Freeland, Chicken Lips and even Eric Morillo are commonplace in Watergate which specialises in house, break-beat and drum and bass nights. The actual club space ain't shabby either. With its floor-ceiling plate glass windows overlooking the Spree and cubic-minamalist decor you could easily be lulled into a false sense of sophistication. Don't worry though, that soon evaporates when the first big tune kicks in...

Editor & Berlin Local


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United Kingdom

The Great Sven !

Reply Apr 7th, 2015

Went to watergate many times, amazing venue, great sound and fantastic djs. Got rejected once with a bunch of my friends - we were very drunk! Never had a problem otherwise...

Recommend it highly!

Reply Feb 25th, 2013
domenico petrilli

I have a good sound of electro hard tech trance if you want contact me I come there this night

Reply Nov 24th, 2012

Watergate is a kind of hype/fancy club. The location is awesome next to Spree river, but the place itself is not that big even if it's 2 floors. The light system on the top floor could be gigantic but strangely they don't use that much the wall of LED they have, and they've put a blurry glass... Weird idea! We went there last week end, some people were rejected by the doorwoman but as long as you don't look too young and not in an electro mood i guess it's ok to get in. The music was great, nevertheless i didn't like the atmosphere that much. Actually german people are going there to "be seen" and to make out. They hardly dance and prefer to go near a girl better than near the DJ.

It's a place for peopl that don't like too underground/trashy clubs and prefer fancy areas.

Reply Nov 15th, 2011
United States

sounds like a plan B for those rejected at Berghain

Reply Aug 12th, 2011

I spent part of my new year´s eve over there and it was amazing!!! But my brother and another friend didn´t get in because they were "underaged",they were 20 and you should be 21 (at least it was what they told them). Anyway, I made friends with the bartender and drank so many tequila it would´ve mande anyone´s eve perfect! The music was really nice and the dancefloor hot!!! The VIP area is beautiful.. Really nothing to complain about it, will certainly get back there when I go to Berlin again!

Reply Aug 9th, 2011
vj KAs

A place where you are just judged by your clothes and not geeting in with a shirt, is really not recommendable!!!

Forget about this door policies and the dull securities!

Reply Jul 16th, 2011

on May 9th, someone got issues with Watergate and posted nasty reviews al least 5 time under a different nickname ! :-D

Reply Jun 30th, 2011
United States

Nothing fancy - Expensive not living up to the hype... Decent music - wont go back

Reply May 10th, 2011

Nothing to write about. Unfriendly staff and not worth the wait in a freakin Q.

Reply May 9th, 2011

Went with friends this weekend and was an OK place. They are extremely snobish at the entrance but nothing substantial in the club. Very expensive and no value for money.

Reply May 9th, 2011
United Kingdom


Reply May 9th, 2011

Horrible place went with friends over a weekend trip to Berlin. Stay away -absolutely not worth your money.

Reply May 9th, 2011

Horrible place with a lot of dingy people. I was travelling with another girlfriend adn we did not feel safe. I would suggest you visit the more crowded areas which are safer. My advise to all girls - stay away!

Reply May 9th, 2011

We were here with a group of 10 (6 guys and 4 girls). We were refused entry on the grounds "You guys will not enjoy this place". Interesting first time experience to be denied entry - but what was a disaster is them informing us that we wont enjoy the place. Well better speak German or make a reservation if you want to go there. Otherwise there are many other cooler places in this fantastic city.

Reply May 9th, 2011
United States

Place for relaxed and cool people, who know why they came and who know how to have fun and how to rave :);) I'm planing to visit Watergate soon again, and to have even better time there if it is possible ;)

Reply May 4th, 2011
United Kingdom

Watergate is most definitly a ravers paradise. I spent a night and almost a day partying in there with friends during a trip to Berlin september 2010, and had the most amazing time. The people and staff were all very friendly, although the same is not to be said for the door staff.

The music is awesome, and we were lucky enough to see Extrawelt play live that evening.Watergate is a club you must visit for some heavy Berlin raving.

Reply Apr 8th, 2011


Love Watergate Club

Love Berlin


Reply Mar 4th, 2011
Chris Walkker
United Kingdom

One of the friendliest clubs i've been to. Great soundsystem and brilliant atmosphere. Do go all 'dolled up'though

Reply Feb 24th, 2011

If you want to experience the best clubbing ever, that's the place for you with fantastic, believe me, fantastic music. It's better than berghain. But try to get in both of clubs.I'm 19, and I did it #massive

Reply Feb 3rd, 2011
alli and ugo
United Kingdom

arrived as a couple at 3am, waited in a short que, paid 12 euros and it was very busy! 2 rooms, upstairs was amazing and just watching the views the frozen river, drinks was reasonable price same as every where in berlin, a ugly fat man, no clue where he was from did approach us and tell us to move out of his seat! because he go there more often than us to which he then i think pretended to call his dad or ghost busters!!! funny...anyway christian the dj was perfect and we had a great night left and went to berghain at 10:30am...

Reply Jan 13th, 2011

Great club! went there straight after FlyBermuda..Staff were super friendly and so were the bouncers (all stories abt them being racist is bull*&%t! Am from swiss but asian of origin and they didnt turned me or my male friend away..all happy go lucky! :D

Music to DIE for..recommended ONLY for people who appreciate music! ;)

Reply Nov 8th, 2010

hands down the best venue & quality of music experience ive ever experienced... if you didnt get in its because they thought 1. you werent there for the music or 2. you looked like trouble. this club is run properly and the venue is ridiculously pimp. BIG thumbs up for Watergate.

Reply Oct 15th, 2010
United States

We were rejected at the entrance, without reason. Berlin is wonderful, but Watergate = the summum of the lose !

Reply Oct 10th, 2010
United Kingdom

If your English or straight then don't bother with Berghain or at least don't let the bouncers here you speak English.. Watergate on the other hand was awesome - best set I've seen since Cocoon in Amnesia, everyone was up for it and the venue is great with a nice view of the river at dawn.

Reply Aug 28th, 2010

got inside, really wasnt that great thought it would be better than it was my i suggest going to the club next door

Reply Jul 12th, 2010
South Africa

Awww... looks fantastic! Ill dream of going to this club watch it will happen!

Reply Jun 23rd, 2010
Czech Republic

best deep and funky house music in Berlin super night

Reply Jun 2nd, 2010
kelly francis

get rejected at berghain? go to watergate! simple as that :)

Reply Mar 31st, 2010
United Kingdom

watergate has to be one of the best clubs i have ever been to not far off ibiza. much better than berghian to many gays doing dirty stuff in there. plus the mdma was out off this world

Reply Feb 1st, 2010

Had a blast in Watergate Sat. 23jan2010.

Had been here before 2 years ago and only now understand why it has such a good rep. F**k trying to get into Panorama bar or Berghain again.

Great line up,great crowd and great MMdma too...

Reply Jan 25th, 2010

Went here to see the Mobilee crew but the line was so long and everyone was so dressed up... I guess it just wasn't for us ;)

Reply Sep 1st, 2009

Wow, I'm going to Watergate next month. I really can't wait. The floor-to-ceiling glass looks amazing!

Reply Jul 24th, 2009

Legendary... I listen to their mixes, and they sound great... I can't wait to hear and see it for myself..

Reply Jun 8th, 2009

been there for marc houle on 1st of january. managed to get inthere easy, no probs at all. couple of my frinds came after 2-3 hours , they were not aloud in. good vibes inside, had a gr8 party so....i'll try it again.

Reply Jan 4th, 2009
United Kingdom

went to watergate last friday night and it was amazing no problems getting in at all staff and clubbers all really friendly we ahd a wicked time can't wait to go again!

Reply Dec 4th, 2008

Excellent venue, not that big but all the better for it. Tip: we got in through a side entrance and paid €7 entrance fee. I don't stand in a q, no way :).

Reply Nov 7th, 2008
3loko Dj
El Salvador

4 me it's the nirvana of all the nigthclubs in the world.I just put the same ligth set in my Studio but it's nerver the same haha!good luck you guys,keep those great ideas 4 all the grat clubbers(you guys)

Reply Sep 30th, 2008
United Kingdom

I went to Water-gate last friday. We turned up what I would consider late and after q-ing twice(knocked back the 1st time) we eventually got in at 4am. I must say that it lived up to the hype. Absolutely excellent tecno played solidly until 7am when unfortunately we had to leave and go straight to the airport. We had a great time, nice venue, good crowd and cracking music downstairs. Well worth a visit.

A tip would be to try and have some girls with you in the q or else the bouncer might not let you in first time.

Reply Aug 1st, 2008

we went to Watergate on a saturday night around 2am. the place is really nice but the music was just aweful. basically it was lounge music but played full blast which was just boooooooring!!

the crowd was good, but still, the bad music kind of ruined the night. not worth the 12 euros cover fee.

Reply Jul 13th, 2008
United States

Watergate is amazing! From the outside it looks like nothing but once inside it will blow you mind! Very good sound on the main floor the lights are unreal!!! Like all clubs be sure to break up into groups...we saw 5 berlines (guys) turned away and as we were not german started to worry!! so keep this im mind - Split up!! Amazing night ahead once your in!

Reply Apr 11th, 2008
United Kingdom

Mind blowing! music was intense, people were friendly and the club itself was like nothing i'd seen before. Go on a Wednesday night ( with girls) otherwise you might struggle to get in.

Reply Jan 27th, 2008

watergate was wild great party people great times. berlin is the best city in Europe... only Buenos Aires is better in the whole world!

Reply Aug 3rd, 2007
United Kingdom

forget Berghain! Watergate is the best club in Berlin. Rocks every time.

Reply Apr 23rd, 2007
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