Wroclaw Nightlife

It's difficult to mention Wroclaw and not go on to mention the word nightlife in the same breath. The city is quickly enhancing its already solid reputation as a party town and easily has enough pubs and clubs to cater for a city twice its size. Perhaps this isn't so surprising when you consider that this is a place revelling in its status as a boom town on the frontiers of New Europe, and that those with a share in the wealth seem as keen as any to "liquidize their assets" at the nearest watering-hole. On top of these hard-working professionals, for two thirds of the year Wroclaw is home to over 130,000 freeloaders, we mean students, and you don't need to be Einstein to calculate the net result of so many idle youngsters living in a place with so many bars!

In fact having fun is such an important part of the mentality here in Wroclaw that even the beautifully-restored Market Place (or "Rynek") seems at times less of a important cultural centre and more of an enormous shrine to drinking - particularly in summer when the lure of an afternoon beer in the sun has waylaid many a local and tourist alike from whatever it is they were supposed to be doing. But then who can blame them - there are few better places in the world to soak up some atmosphere and indulge in a bit of people-watching! You might try Casa de la Musica, Bernard Pub, or Pod Papugami

But the Market Square isn't about bars alone. As day fades into night, and the doddering German tourists head back to their hotels, armies of girls in short skirts and boob tubes suddenly appear from nowhere, all tarted up and ready to flaunt their assets in the many cheesy hangouts around the Square. If this is your idea of heaven then Jazzda Club, Disco Club Regeneracja and Novocaina Club will definitely float your boat, but there are many more similar places besides so ask around. Alternatively you could just follow your instincts and see where they lead you... For "your instincts" please read "girls with the nicest legs": Le Secret.

If the Market Square provides Wroclaw with its premier nightlife spot then Pasaz Niepolda (address 51 Ruska street) can't be too far behind. Just five minutes walk west of the Rynek this small, open courtyard is a favourite assembly point for Wroclaw's young hedonists. No wonder: there are over half a dozen pub/clubs to explore in this tiny area and you could be forgiven for thinking you had accidentally been transported onto the strip of a Spanish island resort - there is even a hole-in-the-wall kebab joint! Perhaps what makes this place a little more special than the Costa Del Sol's finest is the sheer variety of the venues on offer, with classic student bars like Niebo, parked alongside lively music-pubs such as Kamfora or Wlodkowica 21. The clubs vary too, from the ultra-commercial dance and techno-fest of Mundo 71 Music Club to the more underground Bezsennosc. And just as the venues are varied, so are the people they cater for. Expect a mix of dread-locked space-cadets, lager boys and tarty girls zig-zagging their way to the next pint-stop.

When the beer-monsters and unbridled hedonism around the Rynek and Pasaz Niepolda all prove too much for those ageing sophisticats amongst you, fear not - there are alternatives! Whilst you're not exactly spoiled for choice, the city does have one or two very viable options for the more discerning nightlife critic. Foremost is surely the ultra-hip and yet totally unpretentious Caf Manana or Il Gusto Club. The party never stops here and you won't find a friendlier crowd anywhere in Poland. Another strong runners in the race for Wroclaw's number one spot are, Graciarnia Pub, Od zmierzchu do switu and Schody Donikad with a charming view on the Solny Square summertime. Tequila fans will love Salvador Club and The Mexican. On top of the aforementioned are also a number of kooky and individual bars (often designed around a theme) that showcase Wroclaw's creative flair. Why not check out one of Mleczarnia, Mostownia Pub or the communist-inspired Klubo Kawiarnia PRL for unique drinking experiences.

So then, as you can see, Wroclaw has enough nightlife to cater for even the most debauched weekend away, and whereas a few too many of the city's clubs are a bit more Blue Orchid, Croydon than Space, Ibiza, with new and better places opening regularly you sense it's only a matter of time before Wroclaw rises to the challenges set by Warsaw and Krakow to become a true contender for the best nightlife in Poland.

Needless to say we have only been able to give a small flavour of what Wroclaw has to offer here, so please check out our pub and club directory to find out more; and if you've been to any of the places that we list then make sure you keep us and our users informed by posting a review. How else can we achieve our objective of being the number one source for nightlife in Wroclaw, except with your help?


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vicky from Ireland Reply Aug 7th, 2017

Hi Guys i am planning to visit Poland in next month i am 35 living in Dublin just want to visit for meet girls and night life as i visit before Prague ,Milan but did,nt went well please anyone help me which polish city is best for meet girls and club .thanks

Ash from United Kingdom Reply Jul 25th, 2017

Hi, I am visiting Wroclaw in 2 weeks time on business trip. I would love to spend some time with decent girls for a chat, drink or two and dinner. Kind regards Ash

spain28 from Spain Reply Feb 23rd, 2017

only Wall Street Club!!!best party place in Wroclaw

wrocouple from France Reply Feb 15th, 2017

Hello guys, we are couple looking for some company to spend some fancy time :)

wrocouple Feb 15th, 2017

Of course we live in wroclaw :)

Jermain from United Kingdom Mar 11th, 2017

I'm in wroclaw at the end of the month if you like mixed race guys...

chris from Poland Aug 15th, 2017

Hey guys, i m living in Wroclaw, are you fancy to meet up?

HappyMonday from Australia Reply Dec 29th, 2016

Hey, Does I'll probably hit Wroclaw around Sylwester. I've been living in Poland a few years. Does the concept of an indie club even exist in this country? A place where people get down to everything from Joy Division to Foals? Would love to find a place like that in Wroclaw but I fear it's going to be the usual douchey mainstream clubs I have no intention of going anywhere near. Any suggestions?

Apple Zach from United Kingdom Reply Nov 15th, 2016

I'm visiting Wroclaw in 3.5 weeks time. I'm going to be on my own and know very little of the language, anyone want to meet up for a drink sometime? fb me.

Samanta Paraniak from Poland Reply Oct 16th, 2016

In my opinion he best parties are in: Das Lokal, Odrapany, Pralnia, Bar-Barka (only from mai-august/september), Niebo and PRL :*

Rico from Netherlands Reply Oct 7th, 2016

Im in wroclaw i wanna meet some girl they can show me tge city im feel my so boring alone i wanna make some funn and meet good polish people

Digo from Croatia Reply May 19th, 2016

Hey guys, I'll be in Wroclaw this June. I searched a lil but coudln't find any info about some reggae/d'n'b/dubstep clubs...could help me out?

Somebody from United States Reply Apr 26th, 2016

These are all such mainstream clubs and a brush stroke of what wroclaw truly has to offer at best....

Alex from Cyprus Reply Dec 18th, 2015

Hi, I already know Wroclaw very well cause I've been an exchange student 3 years ago but I've never been there during Christmas. But this Christmas I am visiting my beloved Wroclaw cause my brother and his family lives there. But apart from that I want of course to do some nightlife and my question is the following: are the bars/clubs open and operate as usual during the christmas days (24/12, 25/12, 26/12)? Or they are closed because of the holy days?

Jules from United Kingdom Reply Nov 9th, 2015

Being a pianist/vocalist I am on the lookout for bars with pianos in Wroclaw...any ideas ?

Yola from Poland Reply May 26th, 2015

Im new to Wroclaw... just moved in here Im wondering where can I meet cool people? I used to live in UK & US, so happy to meet foreign men & women

Tomek from Poland Jun 20th, 2016

Hi, i hope that you found some new friends. however, I will be happy to give you a hand with it :) cheers Tomek

james from United States Reply May 8th, 2015

hi i am coming to Wroclaw in July 5 to stay there a week from USA. I will be staying in a hotel. If any lady travel to city during these days, i am happy to host her in my room with no charge. email james_cooldesign@yahoo.com waiting reply from nice girls

Jay from United Kingdom Reply Apr 30th, 2015

Myself and 4 guy friends are coming to Wroclaw from 16-19th July. Is this a good time to go. All we want to do is party, with nice girls in decent bars. Is this something that we can get from this place?

Randolph from Canada Sep 4th, 2015

Better off in Krakow, mate. Hopefully you changed course in time. . .wroclaw is not friendly with brits, or most foreigners even spanish or portugese. Krakow is the place to be. Cheers!

fotze from France Reply Mar 28th, 2015

le secret dont go there very bad ugly dirty girls and bandits

michael from Ireland Reply Dec 12th, 2014

Well Ireland can be miserable in winter and the women add to that most of the time. However, Its has a good educational system.

daryl Reply Aug 12th, 2014

Hi i arrived today in wroclaw ... is it easy to go back to the hotel from where the clubs are ?

Nick from Malta Reply May 13th, 2014

Currently at Wroclow, arrived last Saturday, went to Pasaz Niepolda, there are a few small clubs over there, honestly, we were expecting more. We went out of the club and asked a couple of girls if there were any other places we could go to, they replied this was the best place. IT SUCKED. We were shocked because we have seen A LOT of good reviews on this place. They also say the city is beautiful, sure there are some huge medieval churches, but other buildings look like shit; graffiti everywhere.... Nightlife is NOT guaranteed all week. This is my opinion, but it may be conditioned on the fact that I come from a place that provides a WAY BETTER clubbing experience...MALTA. We were booked for a 10 day stay, then we moved our departure 4 days earlier and had to pay more, that's how crappy this place is. Oh and a lot of people do not know English which will also be a problem sometime.

Jules from United Kingdom Nov 9th, 2015

Maybe if you learned a bit of the language your experience might have been better...:-b

paul from Germany Reply Apr 11th, 2014

Le Secret it's nice club and many beautifull girls

hadi from Turkey Reply Dec 5th, 2013

ı will stay in wroclaw only sunday and monday ı hope ı will enjoy my staying

Anders from United States Reply Apr 25th, 2013

I'm actually here looking to meet some people to be our tour guides while in town. My friends and I are coming to WROCLAW for the first time From the US and looking for a couple female tour guides who know city to show us around. We are all about enjoying our time while we are there. Restaurants, site seeing and huge into the night life and looking to party like Rock Stars. So please e-mail me directly at mralltheabove@ymail.com thank you and looking forward to seeing your beautiful city!

Mark from United States Reply Feb 24th, 2013

All the clubs are filled with sausage - many many guys, and very few full of make up drunk girls. The ratio is usually 9 guys to every girl... terrible

Steve B from United Kingdom Reply Oct 4th, 2012

Stopped for a week in Wroc this time last year. Had a great first visit, was hoping to get back, but will deffo be back in 2013

Stuart from United Kingdom Reply Sep 20th, 2012

Travelling in November for a long weekend with the lads and looking for a guide to show us the sights

Nick from United Kingdom Reply Aug 16th, 2012

Really beautiful city with a lot of beautiful girls. My favorites clubs are: Das Lokal, Szajba, Mundo, Domowka

Tam h from United Kingdom Reply Jul 26th, 2012

Beautiful place!! I agree with Dave ,go go bar is good.I'm still here fly home 2moz

Dave from United Kingdom Reply Jul 10th, 2012

Bars were great. Gogo was the best. One girls I wish had her name

Peggy from Ireland Reply Jan 10th, 2012

Check out Mundo Club - this is my advice

Garoé Martín Galván from Germany Reply Jan 9th, 2012

I would like to go this tuesday and wednesday from Berlin to wroclaw and find some pub or disco where we can make fun!! no it´s matter what kind of music or people are there, only a place where are good atmosphere in these days, because it´s not weekend

Danny from United Kingdom Reply Oct 19th, 2011

Really useful site and will try and visit some of these places when i travel later this year. Does anyone know of any sports bars in the city that would be showing English football? Dan

greg from United States Reply Oct 12th, 2011

Where can I go to dance to house music?

Danny from Sweden Reply Sep 22nd, 2011

Greg, was the answer for me?

Greg from United Kingdom Reply Sep 13th, 2011

Mundo - I would go for this one!

Danny from Sweden Reply Sep 12th, 2011

3 guys from Sweden will come in middle of October,, we are 19 years old and looking for some good clubs, any tips?

Guy from United States Reply Jul 26th, 2011

Very nice city but look out for supid polish people that what rip off at the bar! polish people think this is good for the county. iam very curious how it will be when it is 2012 scoccergame!

Gary from United States Reply Jul 19th, 2011

Even better as students are back in town ;)

Mark from Canada Reply Jul 13th, 2011

Going to be there in early October, was wondering how the nightlife is during the week? Any decent places to go?

Patrice from France Reply Jul 7th, 2011

We had a great time at Prudria! Excellent girls! We enjoyed our time here a lot!

Rger from France Reply Jul 1st, 2011

My favourite one was Manana!

Borys from Russia Reply May 30th, 2011

Pruderia was very good!

Georgy from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2011

Novocaina - that's the place to go!

Iggy from United Kingdom Reply Feb 21st, 2011

Third time in Wroclaw - third time at Manana! Never disappointment ;)

Gina from United Kingdom Reply Jan 12th, 2011

Lots of kisses for boys at Fly Bar! We had a great party here! You are gorgeous!

Richard from United Kingdom Reply Nov 30th, 2010

I strongly recommend club 54 - it is just on the Market and it is very popular for local students! Great fun and very attractive company ;)

Patrick from Sweden Reply Nov 17th, 2010

Best before party always at Fly Bar - excellent drinks, great staff, positive vibe!

Bobby from United States Reply Nov 9th, 2010

They used to organise Karaokee in PRL Club, but you need to go to their web as I don't know if they still do it.

Dave from Hungary Reply Oct 28th, 2010

Is there any place that does English language Karaoke, or Karaoke at all? On a Monday... lol I know that is a lot to ask :) but maybe I get lucky.

Andrew from Brazil Reply Sep 19th, 2010

We are a group of Brazilian sailors who'll go to Wroclaw on October 8 until October 10 and hope to find the best ballads and similar to Ibiza, where he also passed. A week ago I was in Szczecin agumar and met with people who have indicated a lot of vibration Wroclaw. And we noticed that the Polish Szczecin like boys Brazilian black skin. If this is true also in Wraclow'll take a large group to take advantage of the nightlife in your city. Thank you and look forward reference of the best parties for the days that we will be present. Respite Andrew

berry from Finland Reply Sep 13th, 2010

me and my friend are coming to wroclaw to stay 2-3 months.. hope we can find good gyms at day time and nice bars at night time :)

James from United States Reply Aug 28th, 2010

I am going to Wroclaw 2 week in October. Any suggestions on a good area to stay near bars and clubs maybe some history? Any hotels suggestions that are not expensive or a good hostel? I would prefer a nice hotel but still cheap. Any suggestions would help!

Jo from Belgium Reply Aug 25th, 2010

Check out Manana and Ilgusto, go to Pruderia, Fly Bar is good to start - jump in for a few drinks - shooting, gokards sightseeing during the day ;) Lot's to see in the region if you have time

Spence from United Kingdom Reply Jul 27th, 2010

Hello. Me and a few mates are going Wroclaw on Sep 29th staying 5 nights....... Wondered if anyone would recommend some stuff to do through the day here? Also, ofcourse where is good to go at night? Best bars and best clubs? Cheers

Billy F. from United States Reply May 27th, 2010

Found a few good places here - see the list, some of them are worth checking ;)

dalee from China Reply Mar 15th, 2010

Can you halp me? I looking for my friend, her name is Malgorzata. ok, my phone 13720115883(china) maybe see you again. thank you !

terry from United Kingdom Reply Mar 11th, 2010

I have never been to Wroclaw and i was wondering were is the best club our pub to pick up some women. and what do wroclaw girls think of foreign men

Patrick from United States Reply Feb 15th, 2010

My favourite one is Fly Bar for drink, and Il Gusto for the party! You can always check the Metropolis!

Baas from Netherlands Reply Oct 5th, 2009

Definetely Novocaina (if u fancy rather techno/electro stuff) or Casa de la Musica (in front of "empik" - music and bookstore) which is more cuban salsa club. (both on the market square. Casa has got kinda "Buena Vista" atmosphere. i really enjoyed it.

Baas from Netherlands Reply Oct 5th, 2009

Definetely Novocaina (if u fancy rather techno/electro stuff) or Casa de la Musica (in front of "empik" - music and bookstore) which is more cuban salsa club. (both on the market square. Casa has got kinda "Buena Vista" atmosphere. i really enjoyed it.

rob from United States Reply Sep 28th, 2009

Go for 9 Brama or Il Gusto ;)

Andrees S. F from Romania Reply Sep 15th, 2009

Well lads..where is the best place to meet beautiful chicks in Worclaw?

zy from United States Reply Aug 27th, 2009

Wutz the best place to pick up some girlz? lol.

vph from Turkey Reply Aug 19th, 2009

hocam face yok ama mail vergilp@gmail.com

cako from Sweden Reply Aug 18th, 2009

fbook adresini ver biz gidiors...

vph from Turkey Reply Aug 10th, 2009

Is anyone going to the basketball championship

VPH from Turkey Reply Aug 10th, 2009


PJR from United Kingdom Reply May 20th, 2009

Does anyone have info on really good salsa clubs that run most week days during friday 29th may to June 5th(Firday)

Derek from United States Reply Feb 2nd, 2009

Best Bars in Poland are oin Wroclaw! Check Mleczarnia, and Salvador!

Stephan from Canada Reply Oct 15th, 2008

I will be in Wroclaw on a business trip in afew days and I have a weekend off... nov25-26 08. Any good party suggestions? I like wild!!!

michael from Denmark Reply Sep 6th, 2008

I was in wroclaw for the first time last week whit some friends, it was the perfeckt party city we went crazy on pruderia it was cool.

johnny from United Kingdom Reply Aug 21st, 2008

Pruderia is a nice strip club with nice girls, but beware they scam you on drinks for the girls.. so just dont buy the girls drinks, if they ask !!!

Sandy from United States Sep 11th, 2013

stupid guy! obviously you have to buy a drink to a gril when you are in a gogo club! that's the point of this business. are you poor or what?????

markus from Germany Reply Jul 31st, 2008

Hi mate, Pruderia is a very good streap club in Wro...: http://www.wroclaw-life.com/drink/pubs_cafes_details/262-Pruderia

Harry from United Kingdom Reply Jul 27th, 2008

Does know anybody topless-bars with girls ?

Lusi from Romania Reply Jul 22nd, 2008

hello everybody:) i will be in Wroclaw for 11 months and i `m interested in some electro clubs or chill bars.. can you help me? i don`t want to louse time experimenting all the touristic places.. i just want a place where i can go in my free time as regular. Lusi

Will from United Kingdom Reply Jul 18th, 2008

I'm going in a few weeks and want to know the best places to go out. What are the best 3 clubs to go to?

helmring ramit gan from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2008

hi, i'm heading over with few pals for mate's stag do. anyone know of titty bars where the burds fist the stags? He likes the bum hole drildo also

murat from Turkey Reply Apr 16th, 2008

amazing city,i was doing erasmus there and i had one of teh such a greatest time in my life ... dozobaczenia wroclaw =))

Richie from United Kingdom Reply Apr 14th, 2008

does anyone know if there are any bars that show live english premiership football?

Chris from United States Reply Apr 14th, 2008

Wroclaw! Awesome time really awesome climate and clubs, lounges like Jazda is a great place to pre-game before the rest of the night. Worth a trip and worth your time!

Richie from United Kingdom Reply Apr 13th, 2008

ow do people i am travelling to wroclaw on friday and will be staying for 3 nights. I am wanting to know if there are any nice bars which play real up to date house music (and obviously where fit women congregate). In a bit

Red from United Kingdom Reply Apr 11th, 2008

Ryan u twat, u must have a face like a slapped arse which is probably why everyone is abusing you... Wroclaw is great, great people and fantastic bars - just the best ones aren't easy to find so idiots like you are thankfully left out in the cold!

raff from Norway Reply Mar 5th, 2008

Wroclaw is nice...but I prefer Warsaw much moor...very nice clubs !!!!

John McMillan from United Kingdom Reply Feb 18th, 2008

I'm going and I sense there will be loads of bams and dirty divits. Thats what I'm talking about!!!! Wadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ryan from United Kingdom Reply Feb 8th, 2008

i've just come to wroclaw and can't seem to find many bars at all there are plenty of restaurants but not many bars thats if you find them. the people aren't at all friendly with some people on trams or even in the street say abuse to you as you go by, then you've got the skin head people with scars all over their face, obviously into trouble lurking about staring at you. Wroclaw certainly isn't a nice place to go out.

ED from Portugal Reply Aug 16th, 2007

Fantastic place to party, beautiful girls and friendly people!i´ll be back soon!

John from United Kingdom Reply Aug 3rd, 2007

I thought that the nightlife in Wroclaw was good (not great but OK) with lots of bars where you can sit outside and watch the world go by and a couple of passable night clubs. I found the locals to be friendly (the girls and the bar/club staff) and didn't see any trouble whatsoever. Probably the best thing was the lack of large groups of drunken british males in Wroclaw. Cheers John

samsunlu serdar from Turkey Reply Apr 12th, 2007

if nightlife means to find some chicks and hot erotic dance you are in the right place...visit daytona, radio club, club 9...be always in the square...no need to go far away..

Big D from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2007

For me Wroclaw has some fantastic bars - better than anything in Krakow - but lacks any good clubs. Daytona? Come on! You must be joking...

Peter B from United Kingdom Reply Jan 22nd, 2007

You have got to be joking! Krakow and Warsaw are far better.

Michael Fullerton from United Kingdom Reply Jan 16th, 2007

Wroclaw is the BEST place in the world for partying!