Cafe Manana

Cafe Manana
+48 71 34 34 370
Cafe Manana
ul. św. Mikołaja 11

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Editor's review

Walking into Manana is liking walking into another world. First there is the pleasant calm of the reclusive courtyard, decorated with sunny photos of the Mediterranean; and then, as you make your way upstairs, there is the contrasting bustle of the bar area, where your senses are assaulted by a plethora of colour and a barrage of funky sounds - creating an atmosphere so vivid that it is almost tangible. With its gaudy decor, haphazard seating arrangements (why not recline on an old poster bed?) and a fake Botticelli on the wall you quickly realise that Manana is all about fun. And when the cool but unpretentious crowd start to get down on the makeshift dancefloor it's impossible not to cut loose and join them! Check out for the new bar available for the club card holders and don't miss the opening of their new terrace (coming soon)!

Editor & Wroclaw Local


United Kingdom

What's closing time of cafe manana?

Reply Feb 10th, 2015
H John
United States

Crowded crappy bar which stinks. Avoid at all costs

Reply Mar 24th, 2013
United States



Reply Nov 9th, 2012

Hello, i an irish man, will be in Wroclaw for two days, 30th and 31st october next week, any friendly local ladies want to meet up for a drink and show me the sights?

Reply Oct 26th, 2012

Hello, i an irish man, will be in Wroclaw for two days, 30th and 31st october next week, any friendly local ladies want to meet up for a drink and show me the sights?

Reply Oct 26th, 2012

I took a train from Poznan this summer just to go out there!! almost 4hours!!

Reply Aug 28th, 2012

Mniam! ;)

Reply Nov 7th, 2011

Best DJ in Wroclaw!!!!

Reply Sep 5th, 2011
Marcel The Hot Frenchy

Hi i 'm Marcel this bar is so awesome i spend my weeks in this and nowhere you can found a bar with so many hot girls!

Reply May 24th, 2011
United States

nicely designed, good choice for the evening - international and friendly crowd ;)

Reply Feb 8th, 2011

I think it's the best side where everyone can enjoy and dance every kind of music. I have been on Sunday in October and I fun a lot with my friend.......salsa, bregovic, bossa nova, french music and ethnic music in an amazing bohemian atmosphere.

Reply Oct 9th, 2010
United Kingdom

Sorry maybe I went wrong day i.e. last night... it was busy but its terrible! music was shocking, if ur not Polish they wont speak too you. Its got to be worst place I have ever been to! 48Zl for 2 vodka redbulls?? are they for real?

Reply Oct 8th, 2010

amazing..... lovely music and wonderful people

Reply Oct 5th, 2010

Great place, very busy on Saterday night. The other days, quiet but great to visit

Reply Sep 22nd, 2010

hello,i am a nice 32 year old man and i am comming to wroclaw on thursday.if there are nice people who wants to show me the beauty of your city,you can send me a e-mail.i will be in manana on thursday evening i think

Reply Aug 17th, 2010

Excellent place, very international, had a great time here, met new friends! should be on your list if you are coming to Wroclaw!

Reply May 5th, 2010

Cool place, very positive vibe, you can really enjoy the evening here. I guess this is the best place for making new friends ;)

Reply Mar 1st, 2010
Miguel P.

The best party people in Wroclaw. Good music, good place for meeting new people - party people ;)

Reply Jan 12th, 2010

and the owner is very handsome.

Reply Jun 11th, 2009
United States

and the owner is very handsome .

Reply Jun 11th, 2009
United States

shack attack ;)what a place, best in wroclaw, had a great time there!

Reply Apr 28th, 2009

Chill the f*ck out Helena.No one is coming in there for sex only,as you've said.There are people and people on both sides,so think(if you can manege to do so)twice before you open your mouth to judge others.

Reply Mar 5th, 2009
United States

Party place for the party people!

Reply Mar 5th, 2009
United Kingdom

A decent place to start a night out. Busy on weekends, but more of a laid-back Bohemian/studenty feel on other nights, where you can sit around in dark corners sipping the local hooch to the sounds of French singers. Not really a place for the posing 'designer' brigade.

Reply May 8th, 2008

If you feel a bit lost in the city just go to Manana...very friendly for foreigners, and the party never ends!!! If you are a single but you don't like big crowded clubs just jump to Manana!

Reply Apr 15th, 2008
No. 2
United Kingdom

ps. thought I made a celebrity spotting too - Skalpel - but seeing as i don't really know what they look like i can't exactly be sure...

Reply Nov 12th, 2007
No. 2
United Kingdom

Having returned to Wroclaw after some time, naturally the first place I look up is Manana. First impressions were bad as we got the most sour-faced blonde waitress serving us on a sunday afternoon, second impressions were worse as we weren't even allowed in on a friday night, but saturday the old fave came good. We got there a bit earlier (and more sobre;) and the place was rammed and familiar tracks were rocking the 'dancefloor'. Service was much friendlier at the bar, crowd were fun as usual and I'm sure I'll be reasserting myself a regular for my stay in Wroclaw.

Reply Nov 12th, 2007

Watch the barman. Not the guy which resembles monkey, his name is Oskar and he's ok. Watch the taller one blonde scum. He's trying to cheat people of money. He didn't pay me back last time and that wasn't accident. Many of my friendsexperienced that.

Reply Jun 17th, 2007
Big D
United Kingdom

Pretty sure 'Helena' is a frustrated Polish IT guy called Marcin who lost his girl to a less gimpy Anglik... Anyhow it's not like English guys have to come to Poland for girls. They're more Polish girls in England these days!

Reply Jun 11th, 2007
United Kingdom

Cracking night out, friendly, great music. Sweaty and cramped round the bar and "dancefloor" but chilled elsewhere.

Reply Jun 10th, 2007
United Kingdom

If only to upstage helena from poland,no need to be abusive at the end of the day you need the tourists to survive. Its obvious that youve met the wrong sort other wise you wouldnt be so angry.Anyway I am suppose to be reviewing Manana not Helena, so here goes. My friends and I came into the club on Friday 4th May 2007,had a drink in the courtyard and met a foreign guy downstairs who made attempts to get into our good books by buying us all a shot of rocket fuel is that right Craggy, didnt your legs buckle my son.

It backfired slightly when this gimp misbehaved and got us all bared.So nice enough place but misinterpreted the good guys.We didnt enjoy it and we wont be going again. thanks Andrew.

Reply May 21st, 2007
gary j
United Kingdom

cracking night out , but be warned fridays and saturdays it's packed to the rafthers, good music and excellent cocktails, it's a must if you visit wroclaw.

Reply Jan 18th, 2007

Umba lumba. Bu bu mamba. Mamoma baba lababa bu.

Reply Nov 30th, 2006

Great bar, atmosphere, people, music all ok... Maybe the best place i ever been.

A place where meet people or sit and taste a beer during week when isn't so crowded.


Reply May 25th, 2006

I loved it. Thanks Arturo. I was there a few nights meeting friendly unpretentious people! I felt a sense of ease with the "bar have fun" atmosphere. It did not matter who you are, where you are from, what race you are. Wroclaw has the most % of beautiful girls. I met Helena and Ewelina!

Reply Feb 17th, 2006
United Kingdom

I agree Chill Out is very good! Especially during summer with the terrace - but it can be too crowded inside. For me it's Manana first, Chill Out second - maybe Bezsennosc third...?

Reply Oct 12th, 2005
United Kingdom

Manana isn't as good as i heard.I recommend Chill Out Club that's a pice of art.Wish the club was in the UK

Reply Oct 11th, 2005
No. 2
United Kingdom

went here a few times during the summer and was mightily impressed. Without doubt the best bar in Wroclaw - it would make my top five anywhere in the world! Only criticism is that DJ plays similar stuff every night... but at least it's good stuff!

Reply Oct 10th, 2005
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