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Editor's review

Paparazzi has a slick, metropolitan style that seems tailor-made for Warsaw. Famous for their cocktails and themed parties, this is the kind of place that chaps will splash on a dash of after shave for. Smooth and chic furnishings set the tone, and it's certainly as good a joint as any to practise your Humphrey Bogart moves. Thus the stage is set nicely for you to order your Grasshopper and see if you have Bogie's magic touch. If things don't go quite as swimmingly as planned you can always retire to one of their comfy booths and order yourself a rather tasty dinner for one. Paparazzi does an enticing range of light bites from salads to pastas, making this a fine day time stop too.

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betatester from United States Reply Oct 27th, 2011

Beautiful and expensive, but not worth it.Just drinking, no fun

Doug from United States Reply Sep 9th, 2011

cool place and good for meeting people

Jodie from United Kingdom Reply Mar 25th, 2011

I think Paparazzi is a great bar where you get served very quickly and there is also good food at reasonable prices. I had the Peperoni pizza, and my friend had the Hawai Pizza and we were both very pleased at around 24 pln. This bar always seems to have a large crowd of people inside of mixed ages. There's lots of places to sit, the bar prices are ok, the music is good and the staff are friendly. I will definitely be going back on a regular basis.

ronnie from United Kingdom Reply Mar 20th, 2011

This is a bar and it doesn't really have a dancefloor. But it is an excellent place to go, full of good people of all ages and great music. It is a great place to start the evening before heading off to other clubs at the end of the night in the same street.

Jonathan from Switzerland Reply Sep 5th, 2010

was twice there, had one of the best mojito in my life, my favourite bar in warszawa :-)

Matt from United Kingdom Reply Dec 30th, 2009

COol place - will definitely come back again. Good cocktails.

vivian p from United States Reply Dec 7th, 2009

Paparazzi was once the cutting edge of nightlife in Poland, but now it's just like every other decent cocktail bar. They do put a lot of thought and effort into what they serve which deserves props.

Greg from United Kingdom Reply Oct 22nd, 2009

I absolutely love long island there.

Bill C from United States Reply May 26th, 2009

a bit poshy place, but omg their drinks are good. the best long island ice tea in town! oh yeah and waitresses are the best in town too :)

k8 from United States Reply Feb 8th, 2009

i agree bit of a wanna-be place not only in warsaw (it's a chain) but their mojito is ok.

Malcolm Stewart from United Kingdom Reply Jan 7th, 2009

The ONLY pretentious place in the whole of Warsaw. Afraid to say that more than just a little of the bile-churning snobbery the no doubt London influenced bar staff display has blown its way like infectious disease across the North Sea... As for Stig of the dump on the door, a neanderthal grunt was all he could muster for a greeting, a sneer and drag on his ciggy on my exit. Go visit, even if just to add the now legendary and seemingly endless list bad reviews.

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Dec 1st, 2008

I think Paparazzi is stuck in a timewarp. Might have been cool for the new rich a few years ago but now it's less than zero. Trying hard to hold onto some weird form of cred by making it difficult to actually get in. Some folk like that challenge. I'm sure it would empty if you could just casually wander in on a Saturday night.

Lula from Canada Reply Oct 20th, 2008

It was so sad it made me cry!

specky from Australia Reply Oct 10th, 2008

Think of a nice big airport bar, stuff it full of wannabees instead of people actually going anywhere. More meat than Smithfield Market! Any place filled with copies of old moviestar photos cetainly ain't worth the bother.

mustafa from Turkey Reply Oct 4th, 2008

yeah i went there 01 oct 08 it was pretty good but very very small drinks r cheap people were friendly but %80 were men so we could stay only 30mins ...

Jon from United Kingdom Reply May 13th, 2008

Nice bar, but I went early when it was quiet so didn't have any problems getting in. As I left at around 9.30 I saw a group of 30-somethings age old men who were being denied entry as they "it is a members only clubb". This is pure nonsense - if you realy must go here, try early in the evening and put some decent togs on....

Charles from United Kingdom Reply May 6th, 2008

Didn’t even make it through the door. A friend and I left ZOO to meet some friends in Paparazzi, but were greeted by a doorman that could only grunt at us. Then another put a sign up in the window stating no “Stag Parties”. We were bemused by this as there was only 2 of us trying to get in and we were not being rowdy, we could also clearly see at least 2 stag parties already inside.

pap expat from United States Reply Apr 16th, 2008

Have been thr quite a few times its ok but yes agree with reviews staff are stuck up an the bouncer is a right dick!!!!!!!!!! Pity Richard aint thr anymore would be a better place

Rokko from Egypt Reply Apr 15th, 2008

on the first view nice place. Unfortunately, personnel behaved arrogant and they are only interested in your money. Better not go there!

Mr. Cool from Denmark Reply Apr 15th, 2008

PLACE IS AWFUL. Staff is arrogant and very unfriendly. They only want your money. Security guy looks and behaves like a gorilla!

Warsaw Life from Poland Reply Nov 26th, 2007

Hello, we accept bad reviews but not bad language. Please feel free to comment again in a constructive manner. Thanks, the Warsaw Life Team

CAGRI from Turkey Reply May 15th, 2007

being in this place was really great it's one of the best bars in warsaw.but sometimes u cant find any table to sit.the coctails and the weitresses are also great.shortly u should go to paparazzi if u ever been in warsaw.i love u warszawa: )

julka from United States Reply Apr 10th, 2007

czesc Dagny, podoba mi sie to co piszesz...moja corka tez ma na imie Dagny ,mam nadzieje ze bedzie umiala tak pisac : ) aaa PAPARAZZI OK but nothing special

Dagny from Poland Reply Apr 3rd, 2007

the drinks at paparazzi are definitely top, though their food is hit or miss. some of the snacks are great, but some, like their "nachos" - doritos covered in half-melted mozzarella cheese, no meat or jalapenos or even tomatoes - are a joke. definitely come for the drinks though, they have probably the most authentic margaritas in the city, and pretty much anything else you can think up. not cheap, but worth it.

ERICZKU from Turkey Reply Mar 21st, 2007


F. Chopin from Poland Reply Oct 15th, 2007

I totally agree with Mike from Ireland. However......once you're in, enjoy. If you're lucky, you may even get to take someone home.

member you? from United States Reply Oct 9th, 2007


mike from Ireland Reply Jul 29th, 2007

Don't go here, they don't want tourist. Myself and a friend of my friend went to visit this bar, we had done our research before going to Warsaw and thought your bar would be a nice place to visit. We are both business men in our 30's and have travel the world. Myself and my friend went for dinner and then went to bar and there , we were refused entry. By man on the door wearing a t-shirt and shorts. That informed us that as we are not members, we could not enter the bar. We were both well dressed and did not have any drinks before we visited the bar. I have travel the world and have never been refused entry to any bar or nightclub in the world until i visited this bar. If they are going to promote the bar on the internet for tourist to visit then should be more tourist friendly, and advise their staff that they are advertising the bar to tourist and welcome their business or if you don't want the business of tourist you should think about taking all ads off the internet to promote the bar. There's a good chance if you are a tourist they won't let u in, so save ur time and find another bar.

Olja from Belarus Reply Dec 29th, 2005

This is second one! one of my favourites clubs in Warszawa. Friendly students from the city and good alcoholic drinks (mix).

Austin Man from United States Reply Oct 11th, 2005

always good for a drink. try the Terminator - unless you're a scared girly man

criminalK from United States Reply May 9th, 2005

i heard the drinks are super, but didnt get to try them- we waited 35 min for someone to come by and serve us, and when the girl did she told us the bar is closed. i guess if you want to try this place, make sure you get there well before midnight.

Mark Bradman from United Kingdom Reply Oct 13th, 2004

This place is humming! Full of smart business types and pretty girls all day every day - and they do a decent cocktail too!

Agata from Poland Reply Jan 12th, 2004

Jedyny w swoim rodzaju wystroj wnetrza, znajdziesz tu mnostwo ciekawych zdjec, dobre alkoholowe "mieszanki" i profesjonalna obsluge...

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