Strip Clubs In Warsaw

Warsaw is well known for having some great strip clubs and bars located within the city. They have a wide variety of customers that include stag parties (that now visit the city on a regular basis), businessmen and people out on the town partying. Most have girls that perform strip teases on stage, with an option of paying for a private dance. A typical price for a dance may be 100 zl, and you will have to pay to get into some of the clubs - but not all. If you are buying drinks for yourself, your pals or a girl, we suggest you check the prices on the drinks menu before you do so!

All the main places to go are just a cheap taxi ride apart, so it is possible to check out all of what's on offer very easily.

We have gathered a selection of the best strip clubs in the city.

New Orleans
ul. Zgoda 11
tel: +48 606 92 43

'There are kinds of phenomena a gentleman cannot afford to know, for if he knew such, he would seize to be a gentleman...Therefore we avoid banality and crudeness'.
New Orlean is an exclusive gentlemen's club located right in the centre of Warsaw. The building, where the club is based in, perfectly captures the atmosphere of the place - luxury and taste that encourage you to have a look won't be disappointed! The club's beautiful and sensual dancers, together with a fully stocked bar serving top alcoholic beverages and, most importantly, its classy, ellegant design, will guarantee a memorable night!
Still wondering what makes this place so special? Just follow one of theirs visitor's advice '...relax, enjoy the show and feel like a king of the world for one won't be disappointed'.
If you are thinking of going there, you should stop thinking and just will enjoy it!

al. Jerozolimskie 6
tel: +48 22 629 92 09

al. Jerozolimskie 53
entrance from ul. Pankiewicza 4
tel: +48 22 356 20 16

ul. Polna 13
tel: +48 22 224 25 24

Vegas Gentlemen's Club
ul. Hoza 35
tel: +48 22 696 82 06


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Paul from Finland Reply Apr 9th, 2017

We went to a club called Dopamina as some girls on the street invited us. Just wanted to what this is. Inside girls sat next to us, and immediately very expensive drinks just keep on coming without ordering. Aggressive people demanded us to pay. Lost some 300€ to this shithole. Avoid at any cost!

Mike from Finland Reply Apr 5th, 2017

I want to warn all of you: DON'T GO INTO THE EXOTIC CLUB IN WARSAW! They made me pay about 2000 Dollar, otherwise I was not allowed to leave the Club! I went to the police and hope that they will do something against these criminal establishment!

Josef from Germany Reply Mar 30th, 2017

Hey guys, I was in the Exotic Club in Warsaw with some friends. Be careful and don't go in this very criminal bar! I just can warn you! The girls with the blue umbrellas and the guy with the yellow jacket attracted us to come inside. The security men are very aggressive and they've stolen my mobile phone!!! When I asked them to give it back, they attacked me!!! The prices are far too high! And to come out of this cellar, we had to pay about 100 EUR per person!!! Never again!!!

Patrick from Germany Mar 30th, 2017

Same here! And I think they put drugs in my drink...

Thomas from France Reply Mar 23rd, 2017

I was really shocked when I heard all of the stories about Polish night clubs... Last time I have visited Warsaw few months ago and I wanted to find a nice night club that would also be safe. I read some recommendations and chose New Orleans. It was a good decision! The place is very safe, and at the same time very elegant. And of course they have incredible dancers. I have seen amazing dance show and left very impressed, as well as my friends:) Definitely New Orleans is worth visiting and you don't have to worry about any sketchy situations there!

John from Netherlands Reply Mar 7th, 2017

I would definitely recommend New Orleans for any man who is looking for good alcohol and beautiful women. It is a great place, very elegant and exclusive. I don't think that there is any other club like that in Warsaw. They offer huge choice of different alcohols and their dancers are incredibly sexy and very talented. The prices are probably a little bit higher but worth it. And what is also important, the place is for sure very safe. If you ask me, it is the best night club in Warsaw.

Liam from Germany Reply Feb 17th, 2017

I totally agrre, that the New Orleans Club is amazing. It has many good reviews, so last time I went to Warsaw i decided to check it out. I was not disappointed! Their drinks are really great and dancers are simply beautiful and breathtaking. I will definitely go there again!

Gimmy from United Kingdom Reply Jun 28th, 2016

Hi guys, last night i was in Exotic Klub and my friend loose 1500 pound without drink nothing and the waitress threatened him to don't said nothing to the police. Bad Place, stay away

Liberto from Italy Reply Jun 13th, 2016

I was in Exotic Club of Varsavia with my friend. We go inside because the girl out of the club said me that was free entrace. I take a wodka with my friend and i pay only 20 eur. The day after i discovered that i have lose 800 eur in this disco club. Immediatly i had block my credit card and i went to police for a declaration. With the documet i write to my bank to block the payment. After 2 Week a recive my money.

Hans from Belgium Reply May 8th, 2016

Same think happen too my 1300€ I go never enter club minus

Mr. Nielsen from Denmark Reply Jan 31st, 2016

There are a lot of nice strip clubs in Warsaw. But don't ever enter Club Minus on Chmielna 9, they are very corrupt! I was there with a friend and we were both overcharged a lot. I was charged about 1.200 euros for a dance and a drink I never had! I didn't notice it that night, but checked my account the following day. When I went there to talk them, I was threated by the staff. Even the police couldn't help me, even though they had plenty of similar complaints from other tourists. You can also check tripadvisor, to see complaints from other guests.

Sid from United States Apr 13th, 2016

Same thing just happened to me and my friend. got charges 3,000 between the two of us

Jan from Australia Reply Oct 1st, 2015

There is a strip bar on Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw which I can't remember the name near to a lovely Croatian restaurant named 'Dubrovnik' where there are girls dressed in ‘military style’ camouflage that is “FREE” to get into. Please whatever you do AVOID this bar with ‘camouflage’ girls. They put drugs in my brother's drink so he had no memory whatsoever, stole his credit card and tried to rob £2,000 from his bank account. These racketeers are thieves who want to do nothing but drug and rob tourists. Please for your own safety AVOID this bar at all costs - It's only "FREE" to enter so they can empty your bank account!

Marc from France Reply Aug 30th, 2011

Nice place. Nice girls. I had a splendid evening there. The staff is super nice. Although I recommend you to be careful cause some girls really push hard for consumption. So if you do not take care, you might find yourself drinking a 1000EUR! bottle of champagne. I guess it is the business and espite that I would certainly go back there.

Harry from United States Reply Aug 2nd, 2011

I am going to try them all and then write reviews here so that you know the best to go to. I do agree that if you are asked to buy a girl a drink always ask for the menu as you could well find it is the most expensive drink you have ever bought in your whole life. Clubs like these are great, and the girls are great, but after all they are there to try and part you with your money. Good selection to choose from though, so try them out and let us all know where is good to go, and where not to go. Harry