The Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact is the name commonly given to the treaty between Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union, which was signed in Poland in 1955 and was officially called 'The Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance'. Although this rather cute title sounds more like the agreement which you and your friend have about sending cards to each other on Valentine's Day, it was actually a military treaty, which bound its signatories to come to the aid of the others, should any one of them be the victim of foreign aggression.

Nominally the Warsaw Pact was a response to a similar treaty made by the Western Allies in 1949 (the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, or NATO) as well as the re-militarization of West Germany in 1954, both of which posed a potential threat to the Eastern countries. Although it was stressed by all that the Warsaw Treaty was based on total equality of each nation and mutual non-interference in one another's internal affairs, the Pact quickly became a powerful political tool for the Soviet Union to hold sway over its allies and harness the powers of their combined military. When Hungary tried to extricate themselves from the agreement in 1956, Soviet forces moved to crush the uprising; and, in 1968, Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia (with support from five other Pact members), after the Czech government began to exhibit 'Imperialistic' tendencies.

Following the diminishing power of the USSR in the 1980s and the eventual fall of Communism the treaty became redundant. The Warsaw Pact was officially dissolved in Prague in 1991, after successive governments withdrew their support of the treaty.

* This article on the Warsaw Pact is meant to be an informative introduction to Warsaw's history for travellers, and is not meant to be used for academic research. Please do not use it for any academic papers, but instead refer to published academic works and textbooks. *


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KJS from United States Reply Jun 3rd, 2017

Is there today a threat from peoples of these areas as they have come to the US now to live? Were there a long term aspect of that way of thinking to harm the US in a long term process. Were people sent her to do that in time?

jaz from United States Reply May 8th, 2017

thanks great help

Michael James from United States Reply Apr 27th, 2017

Still waiting for answers :/

Jonathan Botchway from United States Reply Apr 16th, 2017

Very brief but informative!

pubes from Hong Kong Reply Feb 24th, 2017

really useful

Guest from United States Mar 7th, 2017

Thank you soo much!!

george from Hong Kong Reply Dec 31st, 2016

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JOHN MCCANCE from United States Reply Nov 4th, 2016

Thanks, this clarified a point of 'how this came to be' (so insane) concerning contemporary problems in Poland. Though not extensive, it is a helpful launching point to learn. (Ignorance is a choice, caring is the motivation to overcome insane banter and think independently) This article helped. Thanks!

Matt from Canada Reply Oct 25th, 2016

Super helpful and informational for exams or papers! Awesome! Political tool for USSR was a great point for why the purpose of internationalism was defeated.

Billy from United Kingdom Reply Jun 8th, 2016


Leroy from United States Reply May 19th, 2016

The states involved with the Warsaw Pact were influenced by ussr

Bob from Albania Aug 15th, 2016

Yes, that is very correct, Leroy. You could even use stronger words than "influenced". One alternative is "controlled", another is "dominated".

Voytek from Austria Reply May 5th, 2016

Warsaw Pact was a Soviet command structure to control military forces of it's satellites. It's Its primary focus was not to defend against external aggression, but, to preserve Soviet installed regimes in Members' countries. Its only actions were exactly that, overthrow of Hungarian government, followed by overthrow of Czechoslovakian government.

Guest Reply Feb 10th, 2016

I agree with what you said Kandin

SAEED LUKMAN from Nigeria Reply Jul 1st, 2015

Well thi is really informative and not for academics purposes because for us in the humanities there are a lot that need to be know pertaining the WARSAW PACT. issues such as the the principal actors in the formation of the pact,the primary and secondary motives for the pact,how successful the pact was, and so many other questions

Ikram Waziri from Pakistan Reply Apr 9th, 2015

Very helpful

JIMMY Reply Feb 11th, 2015

this really helped me in english class. you should use it

Jim from Algeria Reply Dec 17th, 2014

Could somebody tell me the capital of Warsaw?

Dillian from United States Dec 17th, 2014

dude. warsaw is the capital of poland. get ur facts straight.

Kandin from United States Feb 10th, 2016

Warsaw is the capital of Poland

Heidi from Germany Reply Dec 17th, 2014

This really helped me do my research for my paper. thanks!

heidi from Germany Reply Dec 17th, 2014

This really helped me.

bobby from United States Reply Dec 2nd, 2014

Would they ever felt sorry/bad for what they did?

kyle from Netherlands Reply Nov 5th, 2014

what advantages did the warsaw pact countries have in a conflict with nato?

Stephany from United States May 14th, 2015

If one of the countries would be attacked, it promised them security from the USSR

Mattra from Bangladesh Reply Nov 23rd, 2013

The perfect notes for exam preparation. Thanks

Harry from Australia Reply Aug 21st, 2013

All true facts, i would use this information for academic research. Thanks

TAJAMMUL KAMAL from Pakistan Reply Apr 14th, 2013

it is totally based on unipolarization & harmful for the developing countries

nick from United States Reply Apr 10th, 2013

nice but no capion for the picture????

Goldfish from United States Reply Apr 3rd, 2013

Wait does any body know what the political organization of the warsaw pact was?

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SN jha from India Reply Jan 2nd, 2013

Very informative and unbiased data which shows " negative groupism is always fatal towards humanity" . Thanks.

Uzma from Pakistan Reply Nov 30th, 2012

Wel. . This article is really inf0rmative. . Like it! And the main reas0n for warSaw pact made six yearS after NATO is that in 1955 america made west germany as a member of NATO so sovait replied immediately by making Warsaw pact! Thanks. . . !

James from United Kingdom Reply Nov 17th, 2012

why did hungary want to leave the pact if it was a pact of friendship?

Bob from Albania Aug 15th, 2016

I don't know if your question is sarcastic or not :-) The Russian-dominated USSR was using the Warsaw "Pact" as a way of dominating several countries, keeping communist puppet regimes there. When students in Hungary had had enough of this, they went out in the streets to demonstrate against communism, instead demanding freedom. The Russians could of course not tolerate this, and the conflict developed into battles with thousands of dead people and hundreds of thousands of refugees. "Pact of friendship" is typical doublespeak: Using a very misleading name to hide reality.

Emmanuel from United States Reply Nov 16th, 2012

A very replete and didactic, aggregate of information pertaining to the significance of treaties. The Warsaw Treaty Organization of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance is indefinitely a material source of prospective international law students. The Warsaw Pact military alliance was, without incertitude, dominated by their desire to prevent, at all costs, any further recurrence of a large scale invasion of its territories from the western powers (NATO) and the Paris Pacts of 1954. The members of these states were emotionalized by the previous empires in their attempt for conquest. Very brilliant!

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Rick Sims from United States Reply Oct 11th, 2012

When will people stop rewriting history in order to promote their own agendas. If you check the facts you will find that the formation of NATO and the rearming of West Germany was done in response to the growing threat of the Soviet Union. The creation of the Warsaw Pact was only a formality.

Luna Doom from United States Reply Oct 10th, 2012

Hey that's all the information I need, though it was a little too brief...

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Gopal Shankar Prasad from India Reply May 2nd, 2012

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Well written and informative summary; however, I needed to search the comments to find out WHO formed the Warsaw Pact. (Thank you, to the one that included the info:) Otherwise, great work!

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Khrushchev created the pact, and I found this site really good for my GCSEs :)

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I believe it is a good article however there is still confusion as to WHO created the pact.

sowmya from India Reply Feb 24th, 2012

nice and helpful.

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Informative and direct. the only discrepency is that communism did not fall. you still have red china, N korea, Vietnam and others.

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Bob from Bhutan Reply Aug 13th, 2011

I love eating chicken!

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knowledge is power from Egypt Reply Jul 27th, 2011

anybody know what took USSR 6 years to create warsaw pact in response of NATO ? what were the reasons for which it took 6 years to make such treaty in response to NATO ?

Justin Timberlake from United States Reply Jul 15th, 2011

Too informative.

Anonymous from United States Reply Jun 28th, 2011

Technically, since NATO is still going strong and Warsaw has been disbanded,NATO won. But it was basically a stalemate throughout the war. Many people think that USA didn't win, but our goal was to contain communism, and we did that everywhere except Vietnam.

Pia Foulser from Italy Reply Jun 20th, 2011

Was good on different points, but could be more detailed with the "key features"

Abdul Faiq Khan from Pakistan Reply Jun 20th, 2011

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Abdul Faiq Khan from Pakistan Reply Jun 20th, 2011

This article is full of knowledge.I have got much information .

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Ruhel from United States Reply Jun 14th, 2011

So basically WarSaw Pact was a friendship military agreenment?

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Jessica from United States Reply May 24th, 2011

Does anyone know who was winning the Cold war ? USA or USSR ?

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